Free Webinar | Oct. 29: 6 Ideas for Hiring an Agile Workforce

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Discuss with us the need for flexibility in the post-COVID workplace and the need to build agile teams that help prepare and respond to changes quickly.

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8, 2020

2 min read

The opinions expressed by the entrepreneur's contributors are their own.

There is no doubt: the way we work has changed significantly, particularly due to the current health crisis, and the pace of these changes will continue to increase in the future.

As the need for flexibility in the post-COVID workplace continues to grow, companies need to build agile teams that help quickly prepare and respond to changes. A fractional talent model that includes both full-time and flexible employees can help leaders build scalable teams that help companies prepare for change.

In this live webinar, Danny Beckett Jr., Founder and CEO of Assemble Technologies and Advisor at Entrepreneur NEXT, will detail how fractional talent can help companies adapt to a rapidly evolving landscape while minimizing the risks that usually associated with recruiting new talent. The participants learn:

  • How to find, test and hire the right talent for your organization
  • Tips for building successful agile teams that are more efficient and affordable
  • What does it take to keep fractional talent in agile teams and build a positive culture in a diverse workforce?

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Danny Beckett Jr. is the founder and CEO of Assemble Technologies and advisor to Entrepreneur NEXT. His philosophy is: family comes first, then everything revolves around startups, companies and the future of work. Beckett's background includes more than 15 years building venture-backed tech companies with sales in excess of $ 250 million. Two years ago he founded Assemble with the aim of developing a smarter way of working and giving organizations access to the talent they need when needed.