Germany’s Windexit…Old Wind Turbines Dismantled Without Replacement…Looming “Massive Power Outage”? – Watts Up With That?

Germany’s Windexit…Old Wind Turbines Dismantled Without Replacement…Looming “Massive Power Outage”? – Watts Up With That?

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Impending “massive power failure”?

Another signal that the German energy transition is not working are measures and comments by the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture that were published in a newspaper two days ago: (Hat tip: Misaki – in the resistance)

“Emergency plan for the food supply. Berlin. According to the Federal Minister of Agriculture Julai Klöckner (CDU), the federal and state governments have agreed on an emergency plan to secure the food supply. As an example of a supply crisis, she cited a “massive power failure,” she said in an interview with this newspaper.

The Germans are reducing wind energy

The federal government likes to talk about the importance of green energies, but in its expansion it is exactly the opposite: old wind turbines are removed without being replaced by new-generation turbines.

Perhaps it is beginning for the federal government that wind and solar energy in particular simply do not work, and that is why they have massively cut back the subsidies in order to cut them back.

More and more old wind turbines are coming off the grid

At the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE), Andreas Demmig writes about a report on wind energy recently published on NDR public television: “New Energy Act: More and more wind turbines are being taken off the grid”.

In the NDR, three wind turbines in Altenstedt (Lower Saxony) were dismantled after 20 years of operation. “They are no longer profitable to operate” after the 20-year guaranteed feed-in tariffs for their operators have expired.

No longer economical without subsidies

The three wind turbines together generated 2 million kWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to 666,666 kWh / turbine per year. But now that the subsidies have ended, owner Horst Mengels explains that he can no longer operate the turbines economically at electricity market prices of less than three, sometimes even one cent. Menawhile private electricity consumers now have to pay 30 cents and more for one kWh. Repair and maintenance of the turbines are no longer possible at the low market prices.

“Grave digger of the energy transition”

Mr Mengels built 99 wind turbines, the last one in 2020. Last year he hoped for a satisfactory decision by the politicians on how to deal with the old turbines, but he was disappointed: “Politics is completely desperate, hesitant and wavering. Minister of Economic Affairs Altmeier is the gravedigger of the energy transition. “

Scalebacks with increasing demand for electricity

For those in favor of green energies, Germany’s withdrawal is the least bit confusing. Veronika Grimm, Energy Transition Commission of the Federal Government, is convinced that, contrary to the opinion of the Federal Government, electricity consumption will not decrease. It is estimated that the demand for electricity will increase by up to 30% in this decade – through electromobility, heating with electricity and heat pumps, the hydrogen strategy.

More goes offline than is added

Last year only 200 new wind turbines were built. At the current rate, more turbine capacity is taken offline than is being added.

Prof. Volker Quaschning, an expert on green energies, says that the dismantling of wind turbines (and PV systems), which was triggered by the expiry of subsidies, is delaying the energy transition by years. “If you look back, more was built 20 years ago than it is today. There is a risk that at some point we will no longer have a new building or even a net reduction. – Then we no longer have to talk about climate protection in Germany. “

16 GW are switched offline

The NDR reports that 16 GW of wind power will be removed from the subsidy system in the coming years. Almost two thirds of these must not be replaced by new, more powerful ones.

With regard to Altenstedt, where the three presented turbines are being dismantled, the NDR reports: “In Altenstedt no more wind turbines are allowed to be built, there are no more planning permits. The energy transition is now history.

The remaining infrastructure: transmission lines, access roads, transformers, etc. are available and are no longer used. In Altenstedt, they will likely be the first relics of an earlier idea that went sour.

The NDR summarizes: “Consumers paid around 30 billion euros in feed-in tariffs every year. […] a lot of money for an instrument that doesn’t deliver ”.

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