Get 9 top-rated challenge administration programs for simply $34

Get nine top-rated project management courses for just $34

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Behind every successful team there is a project manager who makes sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. Team leaders usually take on project management tasks. However, when you learn these skills yourself, you will also become a more efficient employee. Not to mention, they can lead to salary increases or higher paying jobs.

Most of us use project management skills that we have learned through hands-on experience. However, applying a rigorous methodology gives your team structure when tackling even the toughest of tasks. If that sounds interesting, we recommend the 2021 Project & Product Manager Essentials Bundle, which is only $ 39.99.

What you will learn

The package provides 11 hours of training on project management best practices to help your teams do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Agile is a popular framework that is based on methods such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban and more. It will introduce you to Agile by illustrating the difference between projects.

You can specialize in a method that best suits your team. Scrum is widely used to manage software development teams. Scrum Master Training: Agile Scrum principles such as the empirical process, control theory and continuous improvement are conveyed in case studies and confessions.

Project management is a must whether you are a small business owner, a team leader, or even a regular employee. Each course in the 2021 Project & Product Manager Essentials Bundle is $ 199, but you can get all nine courses for $ 39.99.