Get a Lifetime of Language Studying with Rosetta Stone at a Restricted Time Low cost

Get a Lifetime of Language Learning with Rosetta Stone at a Limited Time Discount

Language learning is not exclusively done in adolescence or through required credits in school, and frankly it shouldn't be. Multilingualism can benefit you immensely and doesn't have to be too difficult when you decide to get started. Perhaps you've tried to connect with your family's native language, want to become bilingual so you can teach better, or you're preparing for a future trip – whatever the circumstances, Rosetta Stone has you covered with pretty much a lot.

For now, you don't have to commit to just picking a language or level of experience to acquire multilingualism on your way. Rosetta Stone gives you the opportunity to be a little indecisive and have access to ALL 24 of their language offerings for life. The programs are intuitive and provide a comprehensive training method that will enable you to read, write, and speak new languages ​​in no time.

The award-winning software guides you through speech recognition technology that analyzes the words you say 100 times per second. So you know you're getting the attention and detail you want, but through one simple platform at home. You will also match words with visual elements. For those visual learners, you will appreciate the memory expansion features. The bundle lets you learn one language at a time, but gives you access to all 24 languages ​​for as long as you need so you can expand your repertoire.

You also get lifetime access to the 12-minute micro-library, a growing collection of books and audiobooks that you can read (or listen to) in less than 15 minutes, and a lifetime subscription to the world-class VPN (Private Private Network) KeepSolid, that is preserved Your data is safe while you surf online.

Originally $ 744, Rosetta Stone's Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle is now available for $ 199. That's a 73% discount.

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