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Guest essay by Eric Worrall

According to a group of aging rockers, green organizations, vegan food vendors, and mostly class B actors, vegan will not only save the planet from climate change, it will also reduce the risk of future pandemics like Covid-19.


2020 was an unforgettable year as our attention was split between fears of the coronavirus and fears of climate change.What is becoming more and more apparent is that these two threats have something in common; both are closely related to our consumption of animal products.

Animal husbandry is responsible for an estimated 14.5 percent of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Oxford University researchers found that almost any animal product causes far more emissions than almost any plant product. Quite simply, we cannot combat climate change while raising and eating animals on an industrial scale.

Pandemic experts warn that factory farms – especially chicken farms – are breeding grounds for the next global pandemic due to the overcrowded, poor conditions.1 These farms have already given us H1N1 (swine flu) and H5N1 (avian flu), the latter with a death rate of 60 percent

More than a billion tons of food must be grown to feed the billions of animals we raise3 – far more than is necessary when humans eat plants. The farmland has to come from somewhere, and all too often it is taken from the wild.

In recent years, more than 80 percent of deforestation in Brazil has been devoted to livestock grazing, 4 and more forests have been destroyed to grow crops and feed animals on farms around the world. Deforestation is serious for many reasons. It drives wild species to extinction. It is displacing indigenous peoples. It drives climate change. And it brings us into ever closer contact with wild animals and any viruses that may be present, which increases the risk of another pandemic.

Catastrophic climate collapses and global pandemics couldn't be more severe, but they are not inevitable. If we act now, the future may be better. So let us go into the year 2021 with determination and determination to do all we can to protect our planet, its wild spaces and the health and well-being of all its inhabitants. To do this, we have to change our diet.

Today we urge everyone to help build a better future by joining Veganuary this January to try Vegan. Together we can create a world that is friendlier and safer for everyone.

Read more: https://veganuary.com/letter/

The signatories are Paul McCartney, Greenpeace, Quorn, Jane Goodall and Friends of the Earth.

Interestingly, Greta Thunberg's signature doesn't appear on the list. Maybe someone forgot to ask her.

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