Google Assistant, Maps, and Search can now assist you determine the place to vote – .

Google Assistant, Maps, and Search can now help you figure out where to vote – TechCrunch

Election day is approaching! Still not sure where the nearest polling station or ballot box is? Google wants to help.

This morning the company rolled out a handful of features in Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Search should all be activated when a user appears to be looking for information about voting locations.

For example, when you search for "ballot boxes near me" in Google search, you will now see a special tool that can help you find just that. Enter the address where you registered to vote and you can find a drop box or polling station accordingly. The same tool also appears when you search for things like "How do I find a polling station?" Or "Where can I vote?" Search.

Or if you have an assistant device nearby (like a Nest Mini, Nest Hub, or Android phone) you can say, "Hey Google, where do I vote?" and the assistant should be able to figure this out accordingly based on your current location (with the assistant, as noted in its answer, assuming your current location is where you are registered to vote)

Maps integration is a bit more limited, but it gets the job done. If you search for "Where do I vote?" On the Google Maps mobile app Search, a prompt will appear that will lead you into the web-based Google search flow mentioned above. Once you have found your location, tap the "Directions" button to return to the Maps app.

Google says it gets its polling station information from the Voting Information Project as part of a partnership with Democracy Works. The company says it will add more polling stations by election day, which are expected to have more than 200,000 in the system when all is said and done.

Don't want to get your polling station data from Google or just want to check things out? There are always sites like (which Siri recommends if you're curious when prompted with “Where do I vote?”), Which also has information on how to verify your voter registration status and become a poll worker. Etc.