GWPF requires pressing inquiry into rising blackout danger, threatening nationwide safety

GWPF calls for urgent inquiry into rising blackout risk, threatening national security

From the Global Warming Policy Foundation

Date: 6/20/20

Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)

Britain faces an energy emergency as a lack of wind exposes the shaky electricity system saved by coal

London 6 November: The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) today calls on MPs to launch an urgent study of the economic and national security implications of the growing fragility of the UK electricity system.

National Grid, the UK electricity network operator, issued system warnings in the form of an electricity margin notice for two days (4th and 5th November) to alert markets to a reduced system margin. This is in large part due to the low wind power due to a very large high pressure system that covers the whole of the UK and brings the first frosts of winter.

At peak load on November 4th, the UK's entire transmission wind fleet with an output of 18,000 MW only delivered 17% of its possible output (3,000 MW).

The last of the UK's remaining coal-fired power plants kicked in, delivering more than 2,264 MW of generation along with other conventional forms of generation. It is deeply embarrassing for a government that claims to be "Powering Past Coal".

The UK electricity sector is now so fragile that a normal weather event will cause it to wither like a frostbitten greenhouse plant and the prospects for the future are deeply worrying.

Much of the conventional capacity that the system has stabilized over the past two days, especially coal, is slated to close quickly on the way to net zero. This hasty policy has long looked too ambitious; it now appears both dangerous and ruinously expensive.

The government has been held hostage to the renewable energy industry lobbyists inside and outside Westminster and will not spontaneously investigate or admit failure of the energy and national security threats. The GWPF urges MPs to conduct their own investigation into the dangerous state of the UK electricity system.

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