Harvard-Bound High School Grad Gives up $40K Scholarship

Verda Tetteh, Harvard,Fitchburg High School

The Boston Globe reported that a Fitchburg High School graduate named Verda Tetteh went to the lectern during her high school graduation and requested that the school give her a $ 40,000 scholarship to another student who was helping payment required by the community college.

The Harvard scholar accepted the General Excellence Award from Fitchburg High School on June 4, 2021. After listening to the assistant principal of her school talk about selflessness and the right thing, Tetteh was instantly inspired to act.

“I’m very grateful for that, but I also know that I’m not the one who needs it the most,” Tetteh announced on stage.

Tetteh already had a lot of support in covering her expenses during her studies at Harvard University. Additionally, she witnessed her mother’s educational journey, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree at age 47 by attending community college, The Boston Globe told The Boston Globe.

Tonight | Massachusetts college student Verda Tetteh tells @caroloffcbc that she thought of her mom when she got back to her graduation and asked to give her scholarship to someone who needed it more

– How it happens (@cbcasithappens) June 9, 2021

CBS News said her mother, Rosemary Tetteh, had problems while attending community college. Her 17-year-old daughter remains inspired by the woman who cheered loudly as the new high school graduate verbalized her decision to help someone else instead of just thinking about herself.

“I was just happy. I got up and started screaming so loud! I was afraid that people in front of me would ask, ‘Why is it so loud?’ But I was so happy with her decision, ”Rosemary told CBS News.

She and her mother moved here from Ghana as a child.
Mom did it by working and studying at a community college.
The daughter goes to Harvard.
She just won a $ 40,000 award – and asked donors to give it to someone going to community college instead. https://t.co/tyDnkpWfKQ

– David Beard (@dabeard) June 9, 2021

According to CBS News, Tetteh said that all it takes is to help what you have and think of others while thinking about how to help them. While it’s unclear who will receive the Massachusetts resident’s scholarship, it will certainly have a positive impact. Hardly anyone will forget the moving story behind the special gift.

On June 4, 2021 @verdatetteh summed up how proud she is to graduate along with people who have climbed an academic hill with her.

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“We had a great graduation and I am so happy that I was able to spend these four years with my great friends and the RESILIENT class of 2021! #thehillweclimb, “Verda posted on her Instagram account.