Hollywood Hair Bar Owner Tiffany Rose Dean Proves Switching Careers Can Meet Entrepreneurial Goals

Tiffany Rose Dean

Two years ago, celebrity stylist Tiffany Rose Dean started her own black-owned beauty brand. Hollywood Hair Barand although the coronavirus pandemic has hit the country hard, their business has done very well. With over 22,000 5-star reviews on its website, the company is on the right track for a very successful year.

BLACK COMPANY I had a conversation with Dean about how she managed to grow sales during the pandemic, why she decided to switch careers, and how Damon “Lady” Dash, speaking with her mentor, helped her grow sales for her company .

You have a very successful Hollywood Hair Bar business, but before you started this business you were a full-time celebrity fashion stylist. What gave you the drive and inspiration to get involved with this company?

I always loved hair! My grandmother fell in love with hair and hair care products at a young age. Beauty is also a passion of mine. Fashion and beauty pretty much go hand in hand so it was a very natural transition for me! My mother, the famous fashion designer Angela Dean and my father Jonathan Dean from Deanzign gave me this drive. I grew up in an entrepreneurial home in Hollywood, California. My parents raised me around their celebrity clients. You taught me everything I know! Working with celebrities throughout my career and growing up with my parents around superstars has sparked my love of all things fabulous in fashion and beauty. My parents taught me to go for the stars. I always knew that something even bigger was waiting for me in the wings.

How do you make the connection between the fashion stylist and the sale of beauty products?

Fashion and beauty are very similar in my world. It’s about helping people look and feel good! As a prominent fashion stylist, my job was to create groundbreaking styles and trends that millions of fans would like to look like, and I’ve followed the same strategy with selling beauty products. I make amazing products that millions of people need and to top it off, the products really work! When a woman looks good, she feels good. Fashion & Beauty Are An Amazing Marriage! They go hand in hand.

The pandemic has hurt some people, but the opposite is true for you. What do you attribute to the strong increase in sales in your company and what are your plans for the future with regard to the direction of your company?

When the pandemic broke out, the world stopped and everyone was stuck at home. This resulted in many at home sitting on their phones, leafing through Facebook and Instagram! I placed my brand in the right place at the right time. I am very connected to God and He made me make all the right decisions. I also took advice from my mentor, Dame Dash. His strategy is to flood the internet! I worked with lady on the last show i designed as a costume and he gave me the best advice! The marketing strategy my great team put in place to help my brand win from day one started a firestorm! Since the products really work, the response has been amazing. We are in the top 1% of all online shops. Hollywood Hair Bar is # 1 black beauty brands online! We’re launching Skin Care (Hollywood Skin Bar), a hair extension division (TiffanyRose Collection), as well as men and children! I have so many great products to bring to market in the beauty world! We’re also working on a TV show that documents all of this amazing success.

What is the attraction of your products? Why do you think your customers will buy their products from you? What’s the secret sauce?

The secret of my sauce is my high quality ingredients and the fact that my product works. Not only does it work, it works FAST! A natural hair regrowth serum that you will see in just three days is something you did not know. We can grow hair in people dealing with alopecia, balding, and lullabies in babies! I also make sure to always highlight real reviews and real customers in my advertising campaigns. Most women want to hear from other women. So social proof marketing is big in my world too. We have over 22,000 5-star reviews on our website alone!

As a homemade millionaire, what advice are you willing to give to people who want to repeat the success you have had?

You have to put the work in! Strategy is key and having the best product on the market is also very important. The team you are building must be excellent and competent. The right product with the right CEO and the right team can be the recipe for a perfect storm! I studied e-commerce for 10 years and worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years which was my boot camp! I’m on tiptoe so quickly and I handle so much pressure so well because working with celebrities is the most punchy! I’ve also learned so much from my celebrity clients. This is a no-brainer compared to the miracles I’ve performed in the industry in the past! Nothing comes overnight. I have been working towards this success for 20 years!