How Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Their Model Voice By means of Video Advertising and marketing

How Entrepreneurs Can Maximize Their Brand Voice Through Video Marketing

February 22, 2021 5 min read

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Consumers and marketers have seen a significant upward trend in video content in recent years. But what does this trend look like in practice? A recent report from Hubspot highlights some metrics: 85% of business people use video as a marketing tool, up from 61% five years ago.

Perhaps the most important value for marketers, however, is that 99% of those who use video content do so again the following year. Once the video is provided, the results speak for themselves.

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That is, if you use the medium correctly. Video can take brand voices to a new level, but the form is not easy to master. If you want to get the most out of your video strategy, you need to be careful. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Use existing video platforms

Although banner ads embedded in videos are growing in popularity, the best destination for your video content is already video-based platforms: YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, Hulu, etc. When users can seamlessly switch from content of their choice to well-curated ads, they’ll be responsive rather on what they see.

Experts say YouTube ads are the next “blue ocean,” a place where marketers can expect four to five times their typical ROI. Consumers on platforms like YouTube are already prepared for video content – it’s up to you to deliver it to them. And instead of waiting for these customers to find your videos organically, you can shorten the process by targeting them through YouTube’s ad platform.

Deliver quality over quantity

With so much excitement about the future of video, it can be tempting to jump upside down. However, it is important to understand that users are already bombarded with more videos than they could ever see in their life. If you want to avoid all of this noise, you need to produce the highest quality video content.

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Hootsuite has published a helpful guide to help you know which video formats and quality are best for each platform. However, your search for great content needs to go beyond orientation and pixels. Create videos that you want to see for yourself, videos that will stick with people after watching.

Demonstrate your product – don’t sell it

It’s one thing to tell someone to make great videos, but actually to demonstrate how something else is entirely. Step one is to create videos that have a fundamental respect for their viewers. Consumers know how valuable their time and attention is to you, and your content needs to deserve it.

It’s important to remember that over 70% of people think ads are more intrusive today than they were three years ago, according to the Consumer Insights Agency Kantar. Your video should blend in with the content naturally and never explicitly sell your product. Instead, show the value of your product and emphasize some of its key elements. You can be confident that consumers will connect these dots themselves.

Be a storyteller

If you can land content on a platform that supports long-form content, then your focus should be on the storytelling aspect of things. Video is perhaps the most suitable marketing medium for storytelling, and consumers are ready to respond: 55% of customers who love a brand’s story are ready to make a purchase, according to researchers from the University of West Alabama.

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Any information you want to share through video content can be shaped into a narrative. Hope to share product specifications? Weave them into the history of the product’s design and development. Would you like to apply for a new discount? Show what helped make this price drop possible. Customers will recognize your efforts and respond to them, which means serious ROI down the line.

Follow the three “E”

When all else fails, there are three simple commandments to obey: Engage, Educate, and Re-energize. You engage potential customers by putting your video content in the right place at the right time and making sure your audience is exactly who and where you want them to be. You train them with well-written content that is elegantly produced and contains information relevant to them. Most importantly, you encourage them to keep engaging with your brand and building a new relationship for your company.

While no two companies want to produce the same content, following some of these guidelines can go a long way in refining your output. 2021 is ready to show how far video content has come, and any business worth its money should ride that wave as far as possible.