How LendingPoint Is Simplifying Personal Loans

How LendingPoint Is Simplifying Personal Loans

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June 10, 2021 3 minutes to read

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“How am I supposed to pay for this?” A question we’ve all asked ourselves before. Whether it’s a large item, furniture for your home, or paying for a family trip, most consumers have to ponder how best to pay for a large purchase. What is the right choice? Credit cards, store finance, debit cards, and even cash are options. But there is a new “old” option for consumers – personal loans.

According to, personal loans have been around since ancient Greece. More recently, the use of personal loans grew in the early 1900s as a financing tool for lower-income consumers. Fast forward to today and personal loans are enjoying a resurgence as they require no collateral and offer simple interest with fixed monthly payments. In addition, personal loans can be used to pay for almost anything, and the process to get one is relatively quick – all advantages that make it a preferred and affordable option. But with the interest in personal loans, the providers have also increased. How do you know which lender is right for you?

Technology that sees your potential.

Since 2015, LendingPoint has been on a mission to improve the personal credit experience. You’ve spent years perfecting a proprietary intelligent technology that examines a consumer’s credit potential in seconds and uses those data points to create a personalized credit solution.

Check out my loan options with LendingPoint

LendingPoint is an online lender, which means there is no need to look for a branch or office near you. You have the advantage that you can apply anytime, anywhere. Starting with a simple application, first examine your credit options. In less time than listening to your favorite song and without affecting your credit score, you can see the loan amount you qualify for and the different payment options.

Next, choose the best loan terms and monthly payment for you, provide some additional information to complete your application, and then finalize your loan agreement.

Once approved, your loan funds can be in your account the next working day. Are You Ready To See Your Loan Options? Start here.

The way forward.

The goal of LendingPoint is to create seamless access to money when and where consumers need or want it, so that everyone has the opportunity to explore what is possible. LendingPoint continues to commit to saying “YES” more often by providing flexibility and funding options for consumers at any point during their trip.

To learn more about LendingPoint or to apply for a personal loan, click HERE.