How long is Cody Bellinger out? Injury timetable, return date, latest updates for Dodgers star

How long is Cody Bellinger out? Injury timetable, return date, latest updates for Dodgers star

The reigning World Series Champion Dodgers has to deal with negative injury news: Center fielder Cody Bellinger is out longer than expected.

Manager Dave Roberts told reporters on April 16 that Bellinger was diagnosed with a hair break in his left leg. The team first said Bellinger sustained calf damage, but Roberts said a follow-up scan found a “slight, small” fracture. The scan was done after Bellinger’s condition did not improve.

The 2019 National League MVP was injured on April 5 when A-pitcher Reymin Guduan stepped on Bellinger’s left lower leg while Bellinger hit a floor ball to first base.

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This is where you can find everything we know about Bellinger’s injury and the latest news on when he might be back on the field.

What is Cody Bellinger’s injury?

Cody Bellinger has a hair breakage or break in the left fibula or lower leg. A hair fracture is also known as a tension fracture because pressure or force on a bone can cause a small tear. The injury resembles a deep bruise, and in fact, the Dodgers first said Bellinger sustained a calf injury.

The injury occurred at that game on April 5 in Oakland.

Dave Roberts, manager of Dodgers, told reporters on April 16 that after Bellinger “plateaued” in his recovery, a scan of the injured area was performed, and at that time the fracture was discovered.

How long will Cody Bellinger be out?

Roberts said he didn’t know when Bellinger would be able to play again, but he also said the injury was no longer viewed as an “everyday thing”. (Per

Bellinger was already activated on April 16 from the 10-day list of injured people. Now he’s just going to continue his rehab.

“Now it’s just a matter of curing that thing and when he’s ready to go he’ll be back with us,” Roberts told “He’s just rehabilitating and doing everything to get to us as soon as possible.”

Chris Taylor was Bellinger’s main substitute in midfield, but Mookie Betts and AJ Pollock have also started in that position.

Cody Bellinger statistics for the 2021 season

– Played five games

– 21 record appearances (19 bats)

– .211 batting average

– 0.286 base percentage

– .368 Slugging Percentage

– No home runs

– Two RBIs