How one founder build a startup around compassion and care facilitated by AI – .

How one founder build a startup around compassion and care facilitated by AI – TechCrunch

In the second episode of our new podcast, Found, our guest is Brie Code. Code is the founder and CEO of TRU LUV, a Toronto-based startup that has roots in the gaming industry but takes a radically different approach to creating interactive experiences based on a historically overlooked motivational paradigm called “tend-and” based -befriend, an alternative to the “fight or flight” response that most AAA game studios target.

Code’s startup developed #SelfCare, a mobile app that encourages users to explore a variety of interactive experiences designed to do more than just encourage engaging in competitive behavior with either other players or computer-controlled antagonists. The motivation for creating such things for code was to realize its absence in the existing market and identify a large demand gap that simply was not addressed. Building on her expertise in the game industry’s technical interaction for non-gamer characters (NPCs) and her research into academic research on tend-and-free, code was put in place to build a venture capital scale company, to define a new category of entertainment.

TRU LUV’s first point of contact with users may be the app, but the startup has great ambitions that extend to a larger mission to “heal our relationship with technology”. Chatting with the founder behind this pursuit shows how deep this mission goes with both her and her startup.

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