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How To Play Old School RuneScape In 2021

May 24

We all know that the world of gaming is ever-changing, and with new mobile games coming out every day it can be difficult to find a game you're passionate about. But what happens when your favorite game goes offline? Do you give up on it completely or do you just go back to playing other games?

For many gamers, online gaming has become an integral part of their lives. And for some, they don't want to live without it.

Luckily, there are ways to keep playing even if your favorite game shuts down! Old School RuneScape is still alive and kicking in 2021 thanks to players like yourself continuing the legacy of this fantastic MMORPG video game from 2007. So how do you play Old School RuneScape this 2021?

The Tutorial Island

Everyone who starts playing RuneScape begins in Tutorial Island.

On this island, your avatar will be introduced to some of their basic needs such as how they can bank OSRS gold or items and train skills.

The first thing that players do is choose a name for their character before getting into customizing it; hair colors and hairstyles are just two examples of what one chooses at this point with various options available.

The tutorial is a great way to learn the ropes of this game, but you should be warned that there are some things beginners might not want. You can’t trade any items with other players if you choose Ironman mode: it has its downsides and upsides like everything else in life!

Play It On Steam

Improved animations, action tooltips, attack-style indicators, and Prayer-flicking assist have made RuneLite one of the most advanced OSRS Clients in existence. Unfortunately, not all these features are coming to the new Steam Client – but at least you’ll be able to get your hands on some Jagex official content with it.

For those who want to experience RuneScape in its purest form, Steam might be the best way for you to play it. Playing through the official client is not a bad experience- some people enjoy the purity of it and the nostalgia that comes with playing Gielinor's most recent updates on an older game engine.

Learn Combat Early

OSRS offers a refreshing change from other MMO games. Instead of the flashy skills, combat in this game is much more simple with just basic attacks and magic spells to deal damage to enemies. The amount of damage dealt gets affected by your stats which ranges depending on how high you are leveled in different combat skills like melee or ranged for instance; however, there's always that chance where even though you're level 99 across all these skill levels it might not guarantee an attack will do full force (or any at all) because sometimes people miss their target.

Now, the best way to get your hands on OSRS money in a short time is by getting yourself a RuneScape membership. You can do this either with the help of any store specializing in these products or you could buy them directly from an online seller.

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