How To Protect Your Business By Hiring The Right Type of Security


In today’s environment, many businesses are emerging, and therefore the need for security services is increasing. Several dangers and risks exist all year round, which is why employing a security guard is almost required by most companies and small enterprises.

The problem with this issue is that there are many types of guards available in the market but it can be hard to find the right one for your needs. It’s important to have the right type of personnel assigned to the right appointment because not all types of guards offer similar services or protection levels.

We understand that every business has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to hiring security personnel. That’s why you should consider the following factors to ensure that you hire the right security guard company.

1. Unarmed Security

Unarmed security guards are the most common type of security personnel employed. They provide an on-site physical presence at a property or business, but they don’t carry any weapons. The services offered by unarmed guards might include patrolling every location, monitoring detection systems, and responding to threats in a very effective manner. With an unarmed guard, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Improved Response Time: Unarmed security guards are always in a good position to respond effectively when a threat is generated.

Fewer Liability Issues: Handguns can be hazardous because they put everyone on location at risk. There have been several incidents of shootings and robbery associated with armed guards by unarmed security officers, which makes it important for business owners to hire unarmed guards.

Flexibility in Scheduling: Security is often needed around the clock. With unarmed security guards, you can easily schedule their shifts according to your needs.

2. Armed Guards

Armed Security Guards

Armed guards offer an extra level of protection while working in a tough environment. Armed security personnel is the most visible type of security personnel because they carry weapons on their job sites to properly safeguard any location with high crime rates or if it is prone to theft. If you’re looking for a higher level of protection, then it is important to hire armed guards.

Stronger Response: Armed security can quickly respond and apprehend perpetrators who attempt to rob or steal from your business.

Better Situational Awareness: Armed guards are always in a good position to prevent crime before it even occurs.

Better Protection: An unarmed guard can give a sense of comfort and security to your customers, but they don’t always provide the full protection needed. If you want them to feel safe while visiting your property, then it is important to hire armed guards.

3. Corporate Security Guards

Corporate security guards are specific types of armed guards who work for large companies, retailers, commercial properties, and other businesses. This personnel is specifically trained to handle front-of-house issues in business or customer service scenarios. They’re also especially adept in dealing with employees and understanding the unique requirements of corporate clients.

Handling Customers: Customers need personalized attention and care. If you want your business to run smoothly, then it is important to hire corporate security guards who can keep customers happy and satisfied with their service.

Protecting Employees: To protect employees from internal threats such as disgruntled former employees, visitors with a history of violence, or thieves, it is important to hire security personnel.

Preventing Workplace Violence: Guards are the most effective solution in preventing workplace violence. They can deter criminals before they strike, monitor suspicious behavior, report unusual activity, and provide a physical presence that deters anyone from committing violent crimes against your employees.

4. Warehouse Security

Warehouse guards are a special type of security guard who provides high-level security in warehouses and containers in different regions. Their primary responsibility is access control, which entails protecting what is inside the warehouse and who gets to access the warehouse. This role requires controlling skills and close monitoring as well as alerts that might be provided by a person or through the monitoring system.

Warehouse security guards must monitor the internal and external entry points of the warehouse, while also making sure that complete access control is maintained in each location. These guards are responsible for preventing thefts or smuggling that could affect their business or company negatively. They must be knowledgeable about all types of locks to ensure tight security inside the warehouses.

At Treadstone Protection Agency, we understand that the security of your organization is paramount. We have been protecting businesses for many years and are committed to keeping you safe from any risks that may occur. As a leader in our industry, we provide customized protection solutions catered specifically to your needs so you can feel confident knowing that your business will be well protected at all times. If you’re looking for a security agency with a track record of success and a history of proven results, contact us today!