How to Use a Virtual Events Software For Success


You may think it is a lot of work to plan and set up a virtual event, but in reality, it can be quite straightforward with the right equipment & help. Your virtual event software should provide you with a host of powerful features and functions and a wealth of flexible solutions, that will not only make your life easier but your customers too! You’ll be able to run everything from short introductory sessions, to long term training sessions, via email and even SMS.


One of the key pieces of functionality that the virtual event software offers is the “attendee panel”. This is essentially a central database that the system will use to keep a record of every single attendee. It will allow you to track the registration status, RSVP responses and email addresses. The panel is also responsible for sending and managing messages and communications and publishing all events on the website and social media. Even if you don’t have a website or don’t wish to run and maintain a social media presence this is a great tool to help you and your company succeed.


An additional feature of the best virtual events software platforms is a content delivery network (CDN). This is a high speed network that will transmit all the information for your live events online – meaning you will never miss a single customer or client. The CDN will distribute the information to every single device on the network and this includes all web browser windows as well as mobile devices. It will also allow your audience to experience the stream at any time and from anywhere, meaning they never miss a single presentation and can still sign up to watch another.


The final, but essential, piece of functionality that an effective virtual reality platform must have is an event planning app. This is essentially a web based application that allows attendees to interact with your virtual tours and allows them to share their experiences with everyone else on the network. An example of such an application might be the ability to share videos of your virtual tours with your Facebook and Twitter friends; or the ability to upload any photos taken by your attendees and post them to your social media sites.


The most powerful feature of the best Virtual Events Software platforms is the integration of social media. Social media allows you to create a brand and connect with your audience in new ways that simply aren’t possible with conventional forms of marketing. You can use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Pinterest for the creation of your virtual fan club. You can connect with these groups on all hours of the day and night, twenty-four seven, 365 days a year – and they will engage with you and recommend to their friends what types of updates and events you are running. So, when you go plan that next event in New York, consider investing in the best Virtual Events Planning company possible.