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Taskeo was awarded the Best Value 2020 Award by Software Suggest.

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3, 2020

2 min read

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Staying organized is not difficult for anyone, but it is especially difficult for entrepreneurs. When you manage your own schedule and try to align it with the needs of the employees and your company, it can be extremely difficult to work as efficiently as possible. If you're tired of missing out on a family dinner, it's time to get your business going a little smoother.

Taskeo is an automated project management tool that can make your life a lot easier. It's designed to improve the way your team works. It contains everything you need to be more productive. The Taskeo toolkit includes a CRM, a project management tool, a time tracking and billing tool, and a scheduler to get more out of each day.

With CRM you will never again miss potential sales opportunities. You can prioritize the biggest revenue streams and target the right customers at the right time without missing out on a follow-up with potential new customers. If you maximize each opportunity, you will see an increase in sales. With built-in marketing tools, you can create, send and analyze email marketing campaigns from a single hub and contact your customers with just a few clicks. You can send out custom shows, newsletters, and campaigns when you want to promote something new or check in with customers.

In addition to sales and marketing tools, Taskeo will make your business more efficient. With the help of project management tools, you can visualize and optimize workflows, assign tasks and monitor project status, and stay organized independently of your team. Plus, you can keep track of the time it takes for each task, create invoices to manage your billing, and even set up project budgeting.

Taskeo was awarded Best Value 2020 by Software Suggest and has 5 stars from Capterra and GetApp. Improve the efficiency of your business with Taskeo. Right now, you can save a number of plans: