Indianapolis Colts’ retests on 4 folks come again adverse for COVID-19

Indianapolis Colts' retests on four people come back negative for COVID-19

The Indianapolis Colts reopened their exercise facility on Friday after four re-tests of COVID-19 confirmed it was negative, the team said.

The team closed its facility on Friday morning after initial positive tests. It was a player and three employees, sources said Adam Schefter from ESPN.

Indianapolis has a home game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday at 1pm. ET.

"Following consultation with the NFL and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Allen Sills, the team will open the training facility this afternoon under the league's intensive protocol and continue preparing for Sunday's game against Cincinnati," the team said in a statement .

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Trainer Frank Reich spoke to reporters after the facility reopened and the team practiced. He said he learned from the first positive test around 5 a.m. that General Manager Chris Ballard was communicating with the NFL while Reich was alerting coordinators to prepare for a game on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or even the following week .

"The players and coaches adapted perfectly in no time," said Reich. "Really, it wasn't a big deal. Internally, it was about adjusting and adapting."

The Colts didn't train at full speed while working under intense COVID-19 protocols, and Reich said their virtual off-season prepared them to survive whatever it took to prepare for Sunday's game.

"It felt seamless in the virtual off-season," he said. "When we finally set the schedule and time for the team meeting and knew we would have it virtual and then put it into practice, turnaround time was pretty quick. How quickly our trainers turned the installation into virtual meetings was impeccable Everyone was locked up. I felt like a normal Friday meeting. "

Reich said he believes the four people whose second test came back negative will be back in the building on Saturday.

"You're never foolproof here. A virus is a virus," he said. "But I think our guys did such a good job. We're not perfect, but I think we were very hardworking."

The Atlanta Falcons closed their facility Thursday after a second positive test for the coronavirus. it opened again on Friday. The Tennessee Titans played Tuesday after a 16-day layoff for an outbreak, and the New England Patriots had postponed their original matchup in Week 5 against Denver twice after four positive coronavirus tests by players. They play on Sunday.

ESPN's Mike Wells and The Associated Press contributed to this report.