Invoice Walton howling on the moon to ring within the New Yr despatched faculty basketball followers berserk

Bill Walton howling at the moon to ring in the New Year sent college basketball fans berserk

There really was only one way to ring in the new year if you're a college basketball fan on the east coast: break up a cold one and listen to Bill Walton calling Colorado against USC on ESPN.

We've seen a lot of fun Walton jewels over the years, but he was at his best on Thursday night. Walton did about a dozen early countdowns, all of which were pretty fun, but the high point of the night came just six minutes into the second half – a little over half an hour to midnight on the east coast – when Walton let go of a long one like never before and let out cacophonic howls.

If you're a fan of Walton's antics, you definitely didn't love this one. This man is just starting to howl in the middle of the game, and Dave Pasch just shakes it off with a giggle and calls up the game again.

They knew it would be one of those Walton evenings once the show started counting down from 10am. It was about 10pm. ET.

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"Oh my god, we have a basketball game tonight," Walton said astutely. "And we will get rid of all the darkness here. We will find a new way forward. Everything will be much better because we let love have its way and we will find." the light side of the road. "

This is a poetic monologue by Walton. Let's hope he's right and that better things will come in 2021. "Stay positive and test negative."

The fans appreciated Walton's positive energy.

This is the first year since I was 15 that I didn't want to party on NYE.

I sit on the couch watching college basketball with my wife and dog and sipping wine while listening to Bill Walton call a basketball game.

I like this version of life better.

– Travis Graf (@TravisGraf_) January 1, 2021

Bill Walton in the middle of a basketball game: "(shooting John Lennon) just didn't make sense to me."

– Andy Hallway (@ aaronproudfoot3) January 1, 2021

Bill Walton: Have you ever been to Chandler, Arizona?

Dave Pasch:

"…I live there."

– Millard Shane Thomas (@ creatorthomas24) January 1, 2021

* USC passes the ball around the perimeter *

Bill Walton (yelling): "5, 4, 3!"

Dave Pasch: "There are still 17 on the shot clock."

– Connor Muldowney (@Connormuldowney) January 1, 2021

The only thing I wish for the world in 2021 is that we can all get as high – just once – as Bill Walton is right now.

– Chris Mack (@THEChrisMack) January 1, 2021