iPhone 12 Pro Review – 3 Months Later | Cambridge Electronics Fort Saskatchewan


iPhone 12 Pro Review – 3 Months Later | Cambridge Electronics Fort Saskatchewan



I got the iPhone 12 pro because my wife’s brother got it recently and i was comparing some pictures  and i was just blown away by the difference the sharpness the low light performance and everything  it was just it just blew my mind that smartphone cameras could do the kind of things that they do  these days now i’m coming from the iphone 8 plus and it’s a smartphone that i really like  and i don’t know i think the switch from that to this is mostly because of the camera i think that  the performance on the iphone 8 plus is great but the cameras that’s apple got me with the cameras okay the whole lineup is very cool i think that the iphone 12 mini is probably the coolest of  the bunch like it’s tiny and still has that good camera the iphone 12 pro max it made me  really curious with a bigger sensor and sensor shift stabilization but it it doesn’t seem like  it delivered when i’m looking at comparison shots and stuff like that i just felt like you know what  if if i’m going for a camera i might as well just go with this one this one is good enough i think  that for most people the iPhone 12 the regular 12 is sufficient like you still get the really good  camera the only thing you’re not getting is the telephoto lens so for me it’s important i take a  lot of pictures i shoot a lot of b-roll with my smartphone so for me it actually matters i need  that tele-lens i also got the 256 gigabyte option the base model has 128 which i think is more than  sufficient for most people the reason why i got it this is kind of a short story but i grew up when  we were talking about megabytes and you usually had very little space you had to have these discs  these flash drives it was a hassle i remember my first computer it had something like 210 megabytes  like imagine trying to survive with 210 megabytes yes 128 gigabytes would be more than sufficient  but to me it’s just such a luxury to be able to have a device where i just don’t have to think  about storing i’m usually more of a black iPhone type of user but i just couldn’t resist there was  a bit of FOMO involved like i didn’t want to miss out on the beautiful design of the pacific blue so  that’s why i got it but looking at all the colors i would say that the black one probably looks  the best now i want to talk about the design a little bit so everybody has been raving about this  design basically saying that it takes them back to the time of iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 you know those  straight edges and everything and people have been nostalgic and i gotta admit when i first held it  in my hands i was like yeah that feels good but the truth is i don’t think this is a better grip  if i’m to be completely honest the rounder edges are much nicer to hold i will say this though i  think that with the straighter edges i think it’s less likely that you’ll drop it like you have a  really good grip here and the older iPhones you know everything from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone  11 it sort of feels like a slippery soap like you can just and it will just you know but it’s still  more comfortable to hold in your hand i will say that now i also want to talk a little bit about  the size of the iPhone 12 pro because this is a we i don’t know how to phrase this what my  thoughts here are kind of difficult to explain so i don’t think it’s too big and i don’t think it’s  too small it really is in between and for people who really like small iphones this one is too big  and for people who really like big phones this one is too small like it really is in the middle  everything not complaining i’m just explaining that the size is kind of peculiar now i like it  i like bigger phones but i don’t want them to be too big and i think this is actually pretty good  it’s got a 6.1 inch display which is great it’s oled i have mixed feelings about outlet what this  is probably the most original statement anyone’s ever had about oled but there’s a couple of things  that i think about it so first of all there is the burn-in issues and it’s not very common  i’ve never had it on any device but i think that the strength of oled screens is a bit overrated  a lot of people talk about it’s got darker darks on the iphone 12 pro the pixels get  turned off and some people say well this is the beauty of all that it becomes more dark but for  me it’s sort of like the contrast is very huge for instance on my iPhone 8 plus it was always like it  was bright or dim if you had bright colors then the entire screen was bright and here it’s like  the contrast is very huge that’s the upside and you know i’m not picky about screens like there’s  a lot of people who are complaining that the iphone swell does not have 90 hertz or 120 hertz  i’ve never been amazed with the higher refresh rates i understand why some people like it it’s  the fluidity i just don’t think it gives anybody an edge it’s not like we’re gaming and the faster  refresh rate is giving some kind of advantage when you’re browsing the web when you’re scrolling  through your apps like i don’t think that the high refresh rate really does that much it looks  smoother you know but to me 60 hertz is just fine the performance does definitely feel a bit  snappier compared to my iphone 8 plus but i’m not gonna say that my iphone 8 plus was slow like you  know it’s not that much of a difference i remember that the biggest leap in performance was between  my iPhone 4 and my iPhone 5.



That was like a huge leap of performance i will say this though i have  noticed a positive difference when i’m flipping between apps with the iPhone 12 pro there’s six  gigs of ram and i think i’m noticing it like it does feel snappier when you’re swiping between  different apps and i haven’t noticed that any app has actually rebooted itself even if i started  like a day before so that’s a good thing i like that okay battery life i’m impressed i haven’t  had to charge it during the day like even once i charge it every evening and it works great until  the next evening but i will say this though when it comes to battery performance it does decrease  over time so i’m pretty certain that next year i will not feel that the battery life is this good  as it is now you know like something happens over time i guess batteries do get worse now the camera  as i mentioned before i am truly impressed with the cameras the cameras are really really really  really really good the low light performance is amazing like i think it’s actually better than the  mirrorless camera that’s shooting this video right now i really think so even though this is a  much better and much bigger sensor i think that the key word here is post processing when you  have this amazing chip the A14 it can do amazing things to your photos and videos there is this and  this is kind of a good and a bad thing so when you take a picture there is a tiny second there  when it hasn’t been processed and then suddenly it becomes processed now i think that it’s a tad two  process i’m not saying it’s over processed but i would prefer it if the processing was a bit less  you know it does bring up the sharpness and the noise removal and it really makes the colors pop  and it looks amazing i just i wish it was a tad less but i do have one tiny complaint is that  sometimes when i’m like taking photos and videos and i’m just you know really being productive i’ve  noticed that i can’t play videos because it still is doing a lot of processing like i sometimes  have to wait actually a couple of minutes before it’s finished it’s processing on my iphone 8 plus  it definitely didn’t have any of that but then again the iPhone 8 plus didn’t have Smart HDR 3.0  enhanced dynamic range and all of that i do like that apple has given users the option to turn off  smart HDR and stuff like that i keep it on but i like that they give you the option to turn it off  you know and then there is the pro raw feature where you get a really nice raw pictures that  you can really edit in post i have actually noticed the difference like you can get some  really nice shots but most of the time i just want to take simple shots night photography this  is like truly impressive i can’t believe that i get such stable shots from handheld photos in the  dark i don’t think i can do the same thing with my mirrorless camera this is my first smartphone with  super wide and i really like that it just makes photography a lot more fun now the image quality  is not as good as the regular camera obviously but it is a really fun feature and i use it a lot  actually now the video this is probably my favorite part about this camera image quality when  you’re shooting video is just amazing high dynamic range it’s got decent low light performance this  is probably where my mirrorless camera outperforms my iphones well but the biggest improvement on the  video area is actually the image stabilization like this one is amazing especially and here’s a  tip if you’re shooting in super wide you get such stable shots it’s like on a gimbal or something  it’s truly remarkable i even compared it to my GoPro Hero 9 and it just looks amazing i won’t  say it’s better than the Hero 9 but it’s almost as good now the selfie camera shoots in 4K and  i really like that now this is a new feature that was on last year’s iphones and this is something  that i’ve actually been looking forward to test okay so i’m just testing to vlog with my iphone  using the selfie cam just to test the audio and image quality a big plus and this is an ios plus  i like that you can switch the frame rate in the camera app directly like we waited many years  for that to happen now we can and now i want to mention some things that i don’t like about the  iPhone 12 pro first of all it’s the price i don’t like it that they make this thing more and more  expensive every year i think that we’re gonna reach a time when a lot of people are just not  gonna be able to afford an iphone but it’s good that they have a whole lineup you know that you  can get the regular iphone 12 or iphone 12 mini but i think that even they are a bit too expensive  i also want to mention the notch i hate the notch i don’t understand why they had to make it so big  they really could squeeze it in just a little bit make like a teardrop or a punch hole like there’s  so much they could have done differently so the face id i have very mixed feelings  about it this is my first smartphone with face unlocking most of the time it works really good  and it’s just there are these moments where i hate that i have to lean over the smartphone and i i  just wish that there was touch id also but i’m not gonna complain too much about face id it’s super  fast and most of the time it works so fast that i don’t even notice that it’s there the lightning  cable and i i don’t think that any youtuber has forgotten to mention this why is there no usbc  my guess is that they’re probably gonna remove the cable charging altogether it’s gonna be the  magsafe charging which i think is complete bs if i’m to be completely honest because there is  no upside to the magsafe at all it doesn’t charge faster or even as fast as the lightning cable and  also it doesn’t have the advantage of wireless because with wireless you can just place your  phone on the wireless charging area and you can do that with one hand and you can just lift it up  you know and because it is magnetic you have to use two hands so i don’t really see the benefit of  it and i also want to mention the fact that they removed the charger this year to make the package  smaller now apple claims that they’re doing it for environmental reasons it’s less to ship it weighs  less and there are so many charges in the world so people probably don’t need get a new charger every  time they buy a new smartphone and that’s true like this argument sticks but the problem is that  the lightning cable that they do put in the box comes with the usbc at the end and they’re doing  this to sell more usbc chargers see the hypocrisy here okay summary time i’m sorry guys i know this  has been a very long video but i just had a lot to cover so obviously i’m very pleased with the  iphone 12 pro but then again keep in mind that it’s mostly because i really like the cameras and  i’m also an apple fanboy so obviously i like the latest iphone you know it’s just an improvement  over my favorite smartphone already you know so i’m already an iphone fan that’s what i’m  trying to say and i’m stuck in the apple ecosystem i’m addicted to you know stuff like airdrop and  imessage so you have to sort of keep that in mind and i think that this thing is very overpriced  and is it worth the money probably not you can get so much more for so much less today for like 500  bucks you can get a really really good smartphone so it’s really what you want and not what you need  nobody needs the iPhone 12 pro and that’s okay and if you like some of the features that are on  IOS and the apple ecosystem then this is the crown jewel of it the iPhone 12 pro at least  it is until next year’s life okay hope you enjoyed this video and if you did you know what to do



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