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When it is asked that Is Service Desk an IT Job? The answer to it is “yes”. In this article, let us know more about a service Desk Analyst and why Is Service Desk an IT Job? 

Know why Is Service Desk an IT Job?

A common query being asked by many people is that Is Service Desk an IT Job?
IT professionals, as Service Desk Analysts, offer technical assistance to users of computer systems of an agency. Analysts respond to requests and evaluate and fix problems related to IT tools and systems, as well as provide answers to questions. Any part of the information systems unit, such as computer system, operating systems, apps, and networks, are serviced by these individuals on a technical basis. Problem-solvers, in general, must communicate effectively with all parties involved.

These analysts work very closely with the IT department intending to assist with tasks that may be out beyond their field of expertise, which is common. As a central point of responsibility for system-related issues, Service Desk Analysts offer support for prevalent incidents. IT service desk is much-needed support in many situations. 

Particularly for those who are to offer remote assistance to the clients the service desk is the first point of contact which can help them and get the problem solved if it is not some serious issue. The service desk has a limit to support the client in case there is any hardware issue but the knowledge of the executives sitting there can help the client easily get off it. They can guide one with some tips that may help the client resolve the trouble without waiting for the expert to come and have a look at it. 

Job Description –    

He/she reports to the central service desk division and performs services for a primary event solution. Typical responsibilities involve initial testing, task assignment, research, and response time of primary occurrences and requests relating to the use of hardware and application software, as well as infrastructure components and constituents of the IT environment.
These analysts are responsible for resolving the issues that consumers bring to their attention. Customers are typically first contacted by Service Desk Analysts. While working with retailers as well as other experts to resolve incidents, analysts collaborate with other vendors, experts, and specialists.

Educational Requirements –

To get the answer to the question that Is Service Desk an IT Job?  We can often refer to the qualifications and educational requirements for the same. 
Service Desk analysts should have a computer science degree or a closely related field to qualify for employment. Depending on the position, they may work in a field or an office. The global reach of makes it a great place for freelance Service Desk Analysts to find work.

Certification –

Many professionals refer to service desk analyst jobs as the “old way of getting into the IT department.” Authenticating your skills and knowledge through one of the following service desk accreditations is another way of standing out as a service desk professional.
Certificates and certification programs that focus almost exclusively on service desk usability and the various job roles it supports abound when it comes to Service Desk. It is also possible to access the wider range of credentials that verify technical support, where most of these credentials focus on vendor platforms.