Isimemen Etute, A Virginia Tech Recruit, Beat Tinder Date to Death After Learning He Was A Man

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Photo courtesy Mike Barber / Twitter

A Virginia Tech football recruit is in jail on charges of murder for beating his Tinder date to death after learning that he is a man and not the woman he met online.

Eighteen-year-old Isimemen Etute was a new addition to the Virginia Tech Hokies football team in 2021. But the college freshman was arrested Wednesday and charged with second degree murder for allegedly killing 40-year-old Jerry Smith, USA Today reports.

The young man met Smith under the name “Angie” while using the dating app Tinder. The young athlete went to Smith’s house on April 10 and received oral sex, according to attorney Jimmy Turk. The two had sexual activities with etute without being aware of Smith’s sexual identity. Etute returned on May 31st and found that Smith and “Angie” were the same person.

Etute began beating and stomping on Smith repeatedly, said Montgomery County Commonwealth attorney Mary Pettitt, as determined by WSLS. Etute admitted that Smith didn’t fight back and heard a bubbling and gurgling sound as he left the house.

A coroner ruled that Smith’s cause of death was a blunt force on the head. A judge gave Etute a $ 75,000 secured bond as he met all of the requirements to prove he posed neither an escape risk nor a threat to society. The college student had no criminal record. The Commonwealth initially appealed the judge’s ruling, but Etute was granted a loan later on Wednesday. He was forced to stay at his parents’ house in Virginia Beach and is not allowed to leave the state.

Virginia Tech announced the teen has been given an immediate provisional suspension and suspended from the football team. He was recruited to the school as a three-star linebacker from Frank W. Cox High School in Virginia Beach. He had just signed his letter of intent in December before enrolling at Virginia Tech in January.