Iyanla Vanzant Explains Why She’s Ending ‘Repair My Life’

Iyanla Vanzant

When word got around that inspirational speaker, life coach and spiritual healer Iyanla Vanzant will be playing the final season of her hit OWN TV series Iyanla Fix My Life, she told journalist Danielle Young why the show is ending. In the interview, she talked about the test she is taking as a television personality and said to Young, "I don't want that energy in my life anymore."

Vanzant goes into details of why she decided to pull the plug on the show when Young practically interviewed her last week.

"I'm a teacher. That's what I am. I'm an educator. I happen to be a spiritual technician. I teach spiritual technology and I've always done that. I want to do that. But I want to do it in a more intimate way. I want to do it where people come to me because they want to study, not because they don't have a Saturday date, and I want to do it where people don't examine my hair and nails.

“One thing that eight years of Fix My Life taught me is how mean and nasty and unkind people can be. I don't want this energy in my life anymore. I don't want people to call me and talk about me. I am just very sensitive to energy. I don't deserve it and I don't want it. So if you want a piece of me, you have to come to me and pay for it.

TheGrio reported on Vanzant's decision to leave their show back in October 2020.

“This is my final season. This is my legacy season, I'm out. We out. 2020 ”, she had announced via a virtual press conference. This season, we look at the massive breakdowns that have occurred in families and relationships as a result of the pandemic [and] the shutdown. We are dealing with some very compelling questions. "