Jaguars followers cheer after Bears rating landing to assist Trevor Lawrence tank

Jaguars fans cheer after Bears score touchdown to help Trevor Lawrence tank

Being a Jaguar fan isn't easy, especially not in 2020. But these fans know what's good for them, and Trevor Lawrence is at the top of that list.

A week after Jacksonville (1-13) advanced ahead of the Jets in the race for number 1 in the 2021 NFL Draft, Jags fans cheered as their home team allowed a touchdown. If the Jaguars finish the season in consecutive losses, they will have the right to select Clemson quarterback Lawrence, a talent of the generation, in April.

The big cheers of week 16 in Jacksonville came after Chicago quarterback Mitchell Trubisky found Jimmy Graham for a five-yard touchdown. It wiped out an early field goal lead for the Jaguars.

Jacksonville's only win of the season remains a Week 1 win. They queued behind the winless Jets for the number 2 in the 2021 draft for most of the year. But New York beat the Rams in week 15, and the Jaguars have the strength of the schedule.

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The Jaguars have allowed their home stadium, TIAA Bank Field, to hold about 25 percent of the fan capacity this season. It can usually hold around 67,000 fans, but this year it's limited to 16,791. Participation in Sunday's game has not yet been announced, but after Graham's landing it was clear what those supporters in the building were depending on.

Jacksonville goes on tour in week 17 to play the playoff-tied Colts, another likely loss. So Sunday was the last chance for Jaguar fans to see their team play in person before the future of the franchise potentially gets much better.