Jam Master Jay’s Daughter Tyra Myricks Makes 7 Figures Working a Day Job and Several Side Hustles

Tyra Myricks

As the daughter of a hip-hop legend, one could possibly rest on his laurels or live on the spoils of his father’s earnings. However, this is not the case with Tyra Myricks. The 28-year-old daughter of the murdered legendary DJ Jam Master Jay of pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC did exactly the opposite.

Myricks is the definition of an entrepreneur and she continues her sideline to contribute to her success. Myricks maintains a regular work schedule, in addition to several sideline jobs that allow her to indent seven digits.

According to Business Insider, Myricks started her entrepreneurial journey in 2009 when she started a fashion label while she was still in high school. The money she made from the label eventually helped pay her own way through college. Though she had plans to study Pre-Med, she scrapped it when she made more than double the money she paid for her tuition.

She has a day job with one of the world’s most popular artists, Aubrey “Drake” Graham. She works as the director of design, merchandising and development for Drake’s lifestyle brand OVO, for which she earns six-figure amounts per year. With the fashion label, which she renamed Wealth, she also has a branding and merchandising company; is co-owner of The Method, the first black gym in Los Angeles. She is about to open a pizza shop with the daughter of another murdered hip-hop artist, Christopher Wallace, aka The Notorious BIG, T’yanna Wallace, and she is in the process of creating a platform together to attract young entrepreneurs To make resources available to start your own business.

“It’s not an easy game,” she tells Business Insider. “Everyone on the internet shows the glorious side, but no one shows the treacherous side that makes it difficult to get up in the morning.”