Jared Kushner Suggests Black People Don’t ‘Need To Be Profitable’

Jared Kushner

White House senior advisor Jared Kushner is under fire today after an interview with Fox News in which he implied that blacks who are "mostly Democrats" do not "want to be successful" according to The Hill.

During the interview, President Donald Trump's son-in-law was asked to meet Ice Cube to discuss his "contract with Black America."

"One thing that we have seen in many black communities that are largely Democrats is this President TrumpThe guidelines are the guidelines that can help people break out of the problems they are complaining about, ”said Kushner. "But he can't want you to be more successful than you are."

“What you are seeing across the country now is a wave of support in the black community because they are realizing that all of the various bad things the media and Democrats have said about President Trump are not true and they see him actually delivered, ”added Kushner.

Twitter was quick to respond to what some perceive to be disrespect for the black community of someone who didn't have to work to achieve the success they achieved.

Jared Kushner speaks as if blacks are lazy complainers who don't want to be successful. This apparent disrespect shows that he has NO understanding of the black community and its challenges that span centuries. You cannot "fix" these problems at this level of ego. pic.twitter.com/fmILMVbrzY

– Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) October 26, 2020

Jared Kushner says if you cried or offered your public condolences after the assassination of George Floyd, you were likely just "signs of virtue" and "done more to polarize the country". Pic.twitter.com/opGlYjHs4r

– MeidasTouch.com (@MeidasTouch) October 26, 2020

Jared Kushner is a condescending idiot. https://t.co/J8y3KzDxtJ

– George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) October 26, 2020

White press secretary urges backlash against Jared Kushner. https://t.co/90wGtV3cRe

– Yamiche Alcindor (@Yamiche) October 26, 2020

Jared Kushner spat out the racist narrative that problems blacks "complain" about are due to laziness.

The baby-fed Kushner, who has inherited all of his options, knows nothing about the generational wealth that has been stolen from blacks over centuries and the trauma of racism. https://t.co/kxmVx3YGbd

– Ahmed Baba (@AhmedBaba_) October 26, 2020

These comments are 100% rubbish. And Jared knows. "Jared Kushner Says African Americans Must 'Want To Succeed'" https://t.co/NMizvn9CBP

– Rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) October 26, 2020

I'm sure of it: the average black man in this country does more work until noon than Jared Kushner does all damn day. https://t.co/exYSJZ6pAp

– Hakeem Jefferson (@hakeemjefferson) October 26, 2020

He was born on the third base and thinks he hit a triple. Few in US history have received as much wealth or power without earning something as Jared Kushner. His father-in-law gave him the position in which he fails miserably, with fatal consequences. We will remember his occasional racism. https://t.co/V8pZxFsfow

– MP Don Beyer (@RepDonBeyer) October 26, 2020