Jay-Z Launches His Personal Hashish Model, Monogram

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Cannabis has grown into a billion dollar industry in the US, and many celebrities have started entering the industry with their own exclusive brands.

Last July, entertainment mogul Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter announced that he was joining Cannabis Caliva, the state's largest vertically integrated cannabis company, based in California, as its new chief brand strategist. Now the rapper and entrepreneur is preparing to launch his own cannabis brand.

Monogram is the first brand launched as part of Jay-Z's new partnership with the cannabis company. A press release for the brand stated that Monogram is trying to “redefine what cannabis means to consumers today. In order to deliver a bespoke customer experience, the brand will also be launched through a world-class e-commerce platform exclusively dedicated to its unique line of products. "

Over the weekend, the new brand launched its official website and social media pages with a teaser from Fela Kuti playing in the background with a series of photos from their laboratory cultivating their plants for the upcoming brand and the growing process for the upcoming one Describe the collection in detail.

“Our batch-wise approach and unique potency designation allow us to highlight the nuances between harvests and tell you the story of each flower,” says the website with snapshots of their laboratory. It is still unclear what all products will look like or when they will be officially launched.

"We are incredibly excited that Mr. Carter is introducing MONOGRAM to the world," said Dennis O’Malley, CEO of Caliva, in a statement BLACK COMPANY. “When we partnered with Mr. Carter in 2019, our shared mission was to develop products that redefine our category. We have worked over the past year to bring Mr. Carter's vision to life and look forward to sharing more in the weeks ahead. "

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– MONOGRAM (@monogramcompany) October 23, 2020