Joe Biden: Local weather Change will “really bake this planet”

Joe Biden: Climate Change will “actually bake this planet”

"Will you remember this Texas?" The moment of the Trump / Biden debate when Biden realized he had just made a promise to destroy the jobs of millions of oil workers

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Despite early suggestions for step backwards, Joe Biden now appears to be doubling his promise to destroy fossil fuel jobs in the US by calling climate change "humanity's major problem."

Joe Biden calls climate change the "main problem facing mankind".

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  • Joe Biden declared climate change "humanity's major problem" and promised a national transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies that he believes will create millions of new jobs.
  • Biden has a $ 2 trillion plan that puts the US on a path to zero carbon emissions from the electricity sector by 2035 and net emissions by 2050.
  • Scientists say Biden's transition plan is needed to avoid the most catastrophic consequences of climate change.
  • Climate change has resulted in record fires in the western United States and one of the most active hurricane seasons in the Atlantic this year.

Joe Biden declared climate change "humanity's major problem" and promised a national transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies that could create millions of new jobs.

"It is mankind's main problem. And it's the main problem for meBiden said about climate change during an episode of Pod Save America that was released on Saturday. He was interviewed by Dan Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama.

"Climate change is the existential threat to humanity," said the former vice president. "If this option is not checked, this planet will actually be baked. This is not an exaggeration. It is real. And we have a moral obligation. "

"It will create millions of jobs … We cannot be indifferent to what impact this will have on the transition to do all of this"Said Biden of his plan on the podcast." But I just think it's a gigantic opportunity, a gigantic opportunity to create really good jobs.

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It must be said that a duplication of a controversial issue appears crucial. Some people will give Biden points for being honest on this issue.

On the other hand, I suspect that Biden made a classic political mistake. The promise to destroy fossil fuel jobs will go down very well with many of Biden's key supporters. But Biden already has his voice, strategically there is no need to impress motivated core fans.

Biden's threat to destroy oil jobs and thereby increase the price of gasoline could alienate swing voters and the undecided. And for oil workers and people whose jobs depend on fossil fuels, they now have good reason to come to the polling booth on election day and vote for Trump.

Other elections in which the heads of state and government played the climate card offer little orientation. Australian Bill Shorten and New Zealander Jacinda Ardern both tried to win on a platform of tough commitment to climate action. The Australian Bill Shorten failed spectacularly and lost an election that many described as "not lockable". The New Zealander Jacinda Ardern won an increased share of the vote.

Australia has a much larger oil, gas, and coal industry than New Zealand.

There was never a real opportunity for Biden to withdraw from his promise to destroy jobs after Biden made such a clear announcement during the presidential debate. Personally, I suspect that the Democrats' firm commitment to job destruction will go a long way towards a Trump victory.

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