Justice Dept. Will Focus On Civil Rights Beneath Biden Administration

Biden Harris

The Department of Civil Rights of the US Department of Justice will see a major change under President-elect Joe Biden.

Once Biden takes office next year, his administration will restore the agency's civil rights division to its original purpose, focusing on anti-discrimination laws, which Bloomberg says protect millions of minorities who were largely ignored during the Trump administration.

Vanita Gupta, who headed the department under Obama from 2014 to early 2017, told Bloomberg that this means enforcing the protection of civil rights in the areas of housing, education and the workplace. The department will also make changes to the local police force after a summer of protests and police relief measures.

"This will be an even bigger focal point because of the representation of the Trump administration," said Gupta, who now chairs the leadership conference on civil and human rights. "It has been a kind of systematic erosion of civil rights enforcement that is different from anything we've seen recently or recently."

Black civil rights activists and voters were paramount to Biden's election victory. According to the Associated Press VoteCast, 90% of black voters voted for Biden in the election. It comes as no surprise, if you recall, that Trump spent his time in office beating up former quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his anthem protest, refusing to denounce white supremacists, and a mural of the Black Lives Matter as "symbol of the." Hasses "and the elected Vice President Kamala Harris a monster.

More than 78 million people voted for Biden in the 2020 election, but Trump also received more than 73 million votes, suggesting that at least million Americans are largely ignoring the racial problems that plague the country today.

"We have been put to sleep in this country for so long that it is a shock to the senses when someone like President Donald J. Trump comes along and is so open about his racism," said Nina Turner, a progressive and ex-black Ohio state Senator told the Associated Press. "But this country shouldn't be fooled into thinking it's just Trump, it's millions of people. A lot of white liberals feel very comfortable pointing their fingers at President Trump. But they have to look in the mirror … because he's only is a reflection of what is already a reality in this country. "

Additionally, The Hill reports that Biden isn't just helping black Americans. Biden's government also plans to immediately lift immigration bans for many Muslim-majority countries and resume the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program.

Under the Trump administration, one of the division's largest cases came about after a lawsuit against Yale University alleging the school discriminated against white and Asian applicants based on race admit more black and Hispanic students.