Kamala Harris Makes Historical past as First Feminine American Vice President

Kamala Harris Makes History as First Female American Vice President

Harris is the first female, first black person, first Indian American, and first Asian American to be chosen for the role.

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7, 2020

1 min read

California Senator Kamala Harris, 56, made history as the next Vice President of the United States. She will be the first woman, the first black person, the first Indian-American, and the first Asian-American to hold office.

Harris served as the San Francisco District Attorney and Attorney General of California before becoming a U.S. Senator. After Joe Biden ended her presidential bid during what was often a controversial prime Democratic season in 2020, he tipped her as his colleague. Biden and Harris are sworn in as President and Vice President on January 20th.

During the campaign, Harris spoke about the historical nature of her candidacy and how she hopes it will inspire others. “It really helps to have examples of what can be done and role models, things to point out, to make it clear that it is not impossible – and that these things are actually very likely can and will do these things, ”Harris said in a recent interview with Padma Lakshmi.

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