Kobe Bryant’s two legendary NBA careers as No. eight and No. 24

Kobe Bryant's two legendary NBA careers as No. 8 and No. 24

Kanye West dropped a reference to the # 24 jersey in his texts and patted Jay-Z and T.I.'s "Swagga Like Us".

From the moment he got into the league, Bryant paid homage to the greats who came before him. Now it's current NBA players paying tribute to him.

Zach LaVine, then with the Minnesota Timberwolves, is one of the many players in the NBA who wear the # 8 or # 24 in honor of Bryant.

Just as he switched numbers, Bryant switched sneaker brands too. Although best known for his legendary Nikes, he started his career at Adidas.

Although Bryant retired in 2016, his line of Nike sneakers continued and remains the most popular among active NBA players.