Local weather-related loss of life danger down 99.6% over 100 years – Watts Up With That?

Climate-related death risk down 99.6% over 100 years – Watts Up With That?

New data shows that global climate-related death risk has fallen by over 99% since 1920.

Despite the almost constant caterwauling by climate alarmists that we are in a "climate emergency", the real data published at the end of 2020 show that climate-related deaths are now approaching zero. The data span 100 years of “global warming” up to 1920 and show that “climate-related” deaths are now approaching zero.

Below is an update to the graphic in the peer-reviewed article 2020 by Bjørn Lomborg: Welfare in the 21st Century: Boosting Development, Reducing Inequality, Impacts of Climate Change and Costs of Climate Policy

Drawn by Bjørn Lomborg. Data: The International Disaster Database, http://emdat.be/emdat_db/

Lomborg posted the updated graphic on its Facebook page on January 2, 2021. The risk of a climate-related disaster has clearly shrunk to next to nothing.

Lomborg reports:

“In the 1920s, the average number of deaths from climate-related disasters was 485,000 each year. For the last full decade, 2010-2019, the average was 18,357 deaths per year, or 96% lower. In the first year of the new decade 2020, the preliminary number of deaths was 8,086, 98% below the average of the 1920s.

But because the world population has quadrupled at the same time, the climate-related * risk of death * has fallen even faster. The risk of death is the probability that you will die in a year. In the 1920s, 243 out of a million people died of climate-related disasters.

In the 2010s, the risk was only 2.5 per million people – a decrease of 99%. Now, in 2020, the tentative number is 1 per million – 99.6% lower. "

This is clearly the opposite of what climate alarmists have been shouting about, but that's because we've been exposed to a steady stream of "disaster television" on cable and internet news, telling us about another new disaster every day that invariably becomes " Climate Change "blamed.

An important distinction must be made: increased reports do not mean an increased risk of death.

While the number of events reported is increasing, this is mainly due to increased coverage. With the name of the “CNN Effect” we now have 24 hour news, internet and people who can report weather disasters from their cell phones, i. H. Storm Chasers.

30 years ago we had none of this and were not exposed to the constant stream of disaster reports that the climate guilt game was linked to.

Despite this good news, climate alarmism is unlikely to be deterred as it has evolved into a belief system that eschews data and science for “climate justice”.

Originally published on Climate Realism

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