Local weather Thinktank Slams Australia for International Warming Inaction

CO2 Coalition: Clean Coal Technology Can Fight Energy Poverty in Africa

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Increasing consumption and export of fossil fuels, no extensive CO2 pricing system, no CO2 target – almost as if the Australian government and the people who voted it to office think the climate crisis is a joke.

The report highlights Australia's performance on climate change compared to others in the G20

The weaknesses in Australia's performance on a key issue compared to other G20 countries have been highlighted in a new report.

Charis Chang
18th November 2020

Australia's record on climate change compared to other G20 countries was examined in a new report.

The 2020 Climate Transparency Report, an annual collaboration between 14 think tanks and non-governmental organizations, aims to promote ambitious climate protection measures.

The report highlighted Australia's poor performance as one of the highest fossil fuel subsidy rates as it is one of only two countries not adopting a carbon pricing system and one of the worst companies in reducing emissions from transport and energy is efficient buildings and Deforestation.

"There are indications that recovery reactions from COVID-19 have so far been disproportionately directed at emission-intensive and environmentally harmful sectors," the report says. "This could help emissions recover more quickly."

Read more: https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/climate-change/report-highlights-australias-performance-on-climate-change-compared-to-others-in-the-g20/ news -story / fcf0cc359c4a8b102176aa5951553331

You can find the report on climate transparency here.

I don't understand why the Greens are so angry about the lack of climate targets and carbon pricing. If Australians accept CSIRO's claim that solar and wind power are the cheapest sources of energy, Australians will use renewable energies willingly, without government goals and other forms of coercion.

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