Malcolm Turnbull Claims Climate Change Deniers Conspired to “Take Him Out” – Watts Up With That?

Malcolm Turnbull Claims Climate Change Deniers Conspired to “Take Him Out” – Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

On Tuesday, WUWT suggested that former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was cynically expelled from a climate agency on his own side for being a political commitment. It turns out we were wrong – according to Turnbull, thugs and bullies who deny the climate conspired to take him out.

Turnbull claims climate change deniers conspired to take him off

By Mark Saunokonoko • Senior Journalist
April 7, 2021, 10:00 a.m.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refuses to go quietly after being fired from an NSW climate change committee, accusing the state government of being used by global warming deniers and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. to have been influenced.

Speaking today, Mr Turnbull claimed that the Berejiklian government could “not take the heat from” thugs and thugs “and cut him loose.”

The fossil fuel lobby and the coal lobby with their supporters in the Murdoch media are very influential and very powerful, ”said Turnbull one day after his sensational ax.

“They don’t believe in net zero emissions.

“They don’t believe in global warming or do anything about it.

“So someone like me who takes these issues seriously is someone to oppose.”

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Turnbull is saddened that people are being misled into believing he is the miners’ enemy. Turnbull doesn’t want to destroy coal mining districts, he wants to liberate them by replacing coal jobs with renewable energy jobs. Turnbull accuses a climate deniers conspiracy to misrepresent his desire to help people.

The problem with the idea that the destroyers of the coal industry are indeed liberators is that there are no new renewable energy jobs to replace coal jobs.

Just like Joe Biden in the US freed keystone workers as well as oil and gas workers in the US from stable incomes without providing anything better to replace what he tore away before killing the old jobs, I suspect Turnbull, if he had a chance, would start shutting down coal mines, ruthlessly ignoring the trouble and pain he caused by the sudden shutdown of an entire industry.

Do greens like Biden and Turnbull actually believe in their own promises of green jobs? Are you really that delusional? Or maybe they just don’t care – maybe the promises of green jobs are just convenient lies to quell objections from people who might otherwise hesitate to inflict the misery of unemployment and broken hopes on millions of their fellow human beings.

Personally, I lean towards the “easy lie” theory. My evidence – Biden’s speech that miners whose lives he ruins should “learn to program” was, in my opinion, an act of utter contempt. Miners are smart, mining is a job that literally kills stupid people. But coding is an art talent that most bright people don’t have.

Whatever the truth is about what’s going on in the minds of green politicians, one thing is certain. People whose lives are ruined by green politicians for free cannot feed their families with empty promises.

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