Massachusetts metropolis to publish local weather change warning stickers at gasoline stations – Watts Up With That?

Massachusetts city to post climate change warning stickers at gas stations – Watts Up With That?

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Bright yellow stickers warn drivers that burning petrol has "serious consequences for human health and the environment".

Cambridge, Massachusetts is the first US city to require stickers to be placed on fuel pumps to warn drivers of the resulting dangers of the climate crisis.

Stickers on fuel pumps in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Photo: City of Cambridge

The final design of the bright yellow stickers to be shared with the Guardian includes text warning drivers that burning gasoline, diesel and ethanol “has significant consequences for human health and the environment, including contributing to the Climate change ".

The stickers will be placed on all fuel pumps in Cambridge, which is near Boston and is home to Harvard University, "pretty soon" as soon as they are received by printers, a city spokesman said.

"The City of Cambridge is working hard with our community to fight climate change," added the spokesman. "The stickers on the pump will remind drivers to think about climate change and, hopefully, consider environmentally friendly options."

The stickers are placed in accordance with a regulation passed by Cambridge in January. The city has set a goal of reducing planetary heating emissions by 80% and offsetting the rest by 2050, making it climate neutral.

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