Miami-Dade Avenue Will Be Renamed Trayvon Martin Avenue

Miami-Dade Street Will Be Renamed Trayvon Martin Avenue

Miami-Dade takes the time to honor and acknowledge a young black teenager who has been killed by an overzealous man who was a neighborhood guard volunteer. The murder of an unarmed Tray by Martin returning from a supermarket to his father's Florida home by George Zimmerman sparked a nationwide protest that continues to this day as unarmed black boys and men continue to be killed. This was the official start of the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to The Miami HeraldLast week, Miami-Dade officers approved Martin's name to be put on Northeast 16th Avenue, which leads to the high school where Martin was enrolled when he was told by Zimmerman, the Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, was killed. Martin was only 17 when he was killed.

The street is expected to be renamed before the end of the year.

Although Zimmerman claimed self-defense in the senseless murder and was charged with second degree murder and manslaughter, he was acquitted of the charges. The injustice that blacks are racially profiled and that those who attack them go unpunished continues eight years after Martin's murder.

"Trayvon Martin was a typical teenager who enjoyed playing video games, listening to music, watching movies, and talking on the phone and texting." Read the resolution, whose primary sponsor was Commissioner Barbara Jordan, the outgoing District 1 Commissioner.

Martin "also developed advanced mechanical skills and was known, among other things, for building and repairing dirt bikes. Martin intended to stay near his home and attend college at the University of Miami or Florida A&M University."

Renaming the street will add Martin's name to Northeast 16th Avenue between Ives Dairy Road and Northeast 209th Street.

This section of the county owned street was soon referred to as the Trayvon Martin Avenue. The Miami-Dade Public Works Department said the new signs should appear within weeks of the resolution being distributed. A decision becomes effective 10 days after the handover.