Microsoft Is Reportedly Close to Buying Speech Tech Giant Nuance

Microsoft Is Reportedly Close to Buying Speech Tech Giant Nuance

The deal could give Microsoft advantages in AI, healthcare technology, and beyond.

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April 12, 2021 2 min read

This story originally appeared on Engadget

Discord may not be Microsoft’s only major acquisition target. Bloomberg sources claim Microsoft is in “advanced talks” to buy around $ 16 billion worth of language technology giant Nuance. While there are no guarantees that the move will proceed, negotiations are so advanced that the two could announce a deal as early as this week.

We asked Microsoft and Nuance for a comment.

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The alleged insiders did not say why Microsoft wanted to acquire Nuance. However, a buyout could offer several benefits. Nuance is known for its AI-driven speech recognition, and Microsoft could incorporate both this and any other AI tools (including customer service tools) into its products. The potential deal could also fuel Microsoft’s healthcare ambitions. The company has previously worked with Nuance on Cloud for Healthcare and other projects, including one to turn doctor-patient conversations into medical records.

This would not necessarily pose a threat to some of Nuance’s publicly available technologies, such as: B. the voice dictation software Dragon Anywhere. However, it is not surprising when Microsoft rethinks the strategy for this software. So don’t be surprised if it gets revamped or eventually blends in with other Microsoft apps and services.