Mil Spec


Mil Spec, also known as military specifications is used to achieve uniformity goals set from the U.S. Department of Defense. Defined by Wikipedia as “a formal specification of the features of common military equipment produced by the U.S. Military. Mil Spec sheets are standard forms that define performance specifications for products or other items utilized by personnel of the military force. They are useful in determining compatibility and suitability of equipment for use in the field. Mil Spec also helps determine what equipment is compatible with different budgets. It allows the client and the manufacturer to pinpoint common issues and common solutions.

Mil Spec Handbooks for Mil Spec are extremely important and beneficial to both manufacturers and customers. These manuals provide comprehensive guidelines for how to make, test and define equipment. The handbooks are comprised of data photos, drawings, and illustrations of items or their parts or assemblies. The user is required to follow the directions to the letter in order to ensure correct and conformity with military standards. Mil Handbooks on Spec are an information source and not just an outline of rules, consequently, the adherence of the user to the manual is crucial.

About Mil Spec

Military Specification is often called the u.s. national laboratories first established under the direction of Secretary of War, James M. Garfield, on 3 July, 1913. It was originally intended to establish uniform standards across all branches of the Armed Forces for the procurement of materiel.

However, with the passage of time and the advancements in technology, the original purpose has changed into a broader one. Mil Spec standards are now used to procure uniforms and ammunition, as well as protective gear, personal protection equipment, as well as medical equipment. They also include non-military specifications for protective clothing, hygiene equipment, and furniture. For instance in the case of anthrax and other biological safety cabinets, military standards are implemented to ensure that government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are able to effectively prevent the use of the deadly pathogens in the event of an emergency situations.

In today’s uncertain and complex world handbooks are a useful source. You can locate an array of publications on military specifications due to the internet. In fact, the internet, with its massive database, has helped in the development of standards. Effective communication between organizations and agencies via handbooks and other means has helped keep the Mil Spec handbooks current and made them more effective.

Mil Spec is still not employed by numerous departments and organisations. The United States Department of Defense is the only one who can define mil-spec. In essence If the United States Navy wants to include the use of flammable liquids within their definition of Mil Spec in the future, they need to amend their manual to say that flammables or liquids that are used in conjunction with combustible materials are part of the definition of Mil Spec. It is important to understand that Mil Spec, or Military Standard is an agreement between government entities and their staff. It is the standard that all organizations have to adhere to but cannot depart from because the compliance with these standards can undermine the credibility of the United States military and the safety of its personnel.