NBA Participant Donovan Mitchell Donates $12 Million to His Former Faculty

Donovan Mitchell

Utah Jazz's Donovan Mitchell once again reached into his pockets to make sure he could change the lives of young children. Earlier this summer, the Utah Jazz Guard donated $ 45,000 to train the Kenosha police who shot the children of victim Jacob Blake. The sneaker company adidas also agreed to pool its donation to bring the total amount to be donated to the Blake children to $ 90,000.

This time Mitchell made a donation to the school he attended in Connecticut.

Greenwich Country Day School and Mitchell, who graduated in 2012, jointly announced the largest single pledge of support for the school in the facility's history. Donovan and his mom Nicole and sister Jordan, who graduated in 2017, have pledged a total of $ 12,000,000 to the Connecticut school.

Thank you, we're not expressing our appreciation for NBA superstar Donovan Mitchell @spidadmitchell'12, his family, and their $ 12 million pledge, the largest single pledge to support the school in the institution's history. Read more:

– Greenwich Country Day School (@gcdstigers) December 4, 2020

In a written statement, Mitchell said, “I know how happy I was that the foundation of my education was laid here on Country Day. This school has shaped me in many ways, and I feel blessed to be able to give back and bring the Country Day experience to more children, especially those from inner-city areas or with backgrounds like mine. Over the past few years on my NBA trip, I've made it my business to advocate justice, social justice and equal opportunities, especially in education. There is nowhere better school to carry on this mission and my family looks forward to making it happen. "

Mitchell is excited to establish the Mitchell Family Scholarship Fund. The program will help Greenwich Country Day School by providing needs-based assistance to students in need up to the age of 12. In addition to the scholarship fund, Mitchell and his mother are excited to announce this Nicole Mitchell Faculty Support Fund. This cash prize is awarded annually to a teacher in each of the school's four departments who has been there for at least three years and who has demonstrated the “passion, enthusiasm, optimism and love for children that Nicole Mitchell has always shown. ”

Headmaster Adam Rohdie said: “These two funds perfectly underscore Donovan's understanding of the power of great education. With this gift, GCDS can reach an even wider cross-section of students and celebrate the teachers who do the magic in our school every day. "

The funds will also be used for the D.O.N.! Determination of Negativity Mitchell Family Athletic Center. This facility will be a state of the art high school and will house a full NCAA regulatory court with full booths on either side. This building also provides space for the entire campus to gather for school-wide meetings and will be a focal point for the Old Church Road campus.

Rohdie praised Mitchell and said, “Donovan was as great an athlete as he was, an even nicer young man. He is a man of the highest character and has lived his life to embody the TIGER PRIDE Country Day creed, which calls on our students to be kind, empathetic, respectful, thoughtful and act with the utmost integrity. "