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The NFL schedule for week 17 is full of great matchups. Our NFL Nation reporters bring us the keys to every game, a bold prediction for every matchup, and the final score.

In addition, ESPN Stats & Information offers statistics for each game and a view of current playoff scenarios. The Football Power Index (FPI) includes a matchup rating (on a scale from 1 to 100) and a game projection. Kyle Soppe from ESPN Fantasy and Dave Bearman from ESPN Chalk are also handing out helpful nuggets. It's all here to prepare you for a full weekend of NFL football.

Let's get to the full list for Week 17, including numerous games with an impact on the playoffs.

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1:00 p.m. ET | Fox
Matchup rating:
73.7 | Spread:: TB-7 (50)

What to look out for: The Falcons were 17-0 ahead of the Bucs at halftime two weeks ago and were the only team this season to drop the Chiefs under 20 points last week. But they couldn't close games. The Buccaneers, meanwhile, are hoping to put four quarters together as the final vote in their first postseason since 2007. And make no mistake, you want to get into the playoffs. This would be their fourth win in a row if they can do it. – Jenna Laine

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Courageous prediction: Buc's receiver Mike Evans had 110 yards against Atlanta two weeks ago and 181 against Detroit last week. But the hawks will keep him at 55 meters on Sunday. Quarterback Tom Brady, however, will step over 300 yards for a third game in a row. This is the first time since weeks 2-4 of 2017. – John Keim

Stat of knowing: Brady already has a team record of 36 touchdowns this season and could become the first player with 40 TDs in a season at the age of 40 or older. His Atlanta counterpart QB Matt Ryan has had 24 touchdowns this season, one of which has hit nearly 25 for the ninth time in his career.

Playoff / draft image: The Buccaneers have already occupied a playoff place and have been eliminated from the NFC South race. So what are they playing for? Well, with a win against Atlanta or a loss to Rams, Tampa Bay will secure top wildcard seeding, which FPI gives an 83.6% chance of. That would give the Bucs a wildcard matchup with the winner of the terrible NFC East. The Falcons will be eliminated from the playoffs and are expected to make the third choice of the NFL draft. You have a 76.2% chance of finishing with at least one of the top 5 choices.

Injuries: Hawks | Buccaneers

What you should know for the imagination: As of week 12, hawk receiver Calvin Ridley has been the fourth highest receiver in the fantasy, leading the league with 575 receiving yards. See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: Any of the last five meetings between these teams and eight of the last nine have exceeded the grand total. Continue reading.

Germ choice: Buccaneers 30, Hawks 23
Laine's choice: Buccaneers 31, Falcons 21
FPI prediction: TB 74.3% (average 8.7 points)

Matchup must be read: Are Hawks any closer to being a competitor than their 4-11 record suggests? … Even between 4 and 11, Falcons will test Bucs in areas where they have had problems … Before Bucs makes the playoffs, Evans needs to make some history

1:00 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
67.8 | Spread:: BUF -4.5 (47.5)

What to look out for: Settled in either 2nd or 3rd place in the AFC, the Bills have a tough decision to make – resting their starters and risking playoff positioning by losing to Miami, giving a division rival entry into the Does the process allow postseason? Or do they risk injuries, play their starters and try to secure a home advantage at least in the first two rounds? Whether or not the stars of the Bills play will have a huge impact on the outcome. – Marcel Louis-Jacques

Courageous prediction: Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard will be intercepted for the tenth time this year. This makes him the first defender in 13 years to receive double-digit picks (Antonio Cromartie, 2007). Howard shouldn't be a surprise, but his general frequency will be. Buffalo QB Josh Allen routinely set the Dolphins on fire (17 touchdowns to three interceptions). But Miami's defense came down to a big game against the Bills, though it's unclear whether Allen or Matt Barkley will do most of the reps for a team that has already won the division. – Cameron Wolfe

Stat of knowing: Miami leads the NFL in goal defense (18.8 points per game allowed) after finishing last in 2019 (30.9). According to data from the Elias Sports Bureau, the Houston Oilers from 1966-67 in the AFL are the only team in NFL history to advance from worst to first in the AFL standings. They jumped from 28.3 points per game to 14.2.

Playoff / draft image: The Dolphins can secure a playoff spot with a win or loss for the Ravens, Browns or Colts. FPI says they have an 80.8% chance of making the playoffs. The bills have now locked the AFC East in, but cannot end the conference. Buffalo can take the second seed with a win against Miami or a loss in Pittsburgh.

Injuries: Dolphins | bills

What you should know for the imagination: Buffalo recipient Stefon Diggs has scored 96.3 Fantasy Points in the past three weeks, improving the position by 17.4 points. If he can get 130 yards for a fourth game in a row, he'll only become the fourth player to have such a streak in the last decade (Odell Beckham Jr. and Calvin Johnson). See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: Miami is 15-5 against the Spread (ATS) in their last 20 games as an underdog, including four straight covers. And it's 15-9 ATS as an underdog under coach Brian Flores. Continue reading.

Wolfe & # 39; s choice: Dolphins 23, Bills 20
Louis-Jacques & # 39; choice: Dolphins 17, Bills 14
FPI prediction: BUF 69.7% (average 6.9 points)

Matchup must be read: Fitzpatrick, Tagovailoa and the art of running the competition … bills that go from underdog to big dog in AFC in the playoffs … Dolphins trainer Flores defends decision to stay at Tagovailoa as the starting QB .. Bills gave permission to have fans at the playoff game the first audience of the season



Louis Riddick explains how Ryan Fitzpatrick, who missed this weekend's game because of a positive COVID-19 test, affects Tua Tagovailoa and the dolphins.

1:00 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
57.8 | Spread:: CLE -10.5 (42)

What to look out for: How will Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph react when he returns to the Helmet Swing location, where defensive end Myles Garrett and the Browns will be waiting for a must-see for Cleveland? However, the Browns may still be navigating COVID-19 issues on their roster. – Jake Trotter

Courageous prediction: Rudolph could start the game, but Joshua Dobbs will be the one to finish it. The Steelers rest Ben Roethlisberger and give their backups a chance for game action. The Steelers know what they got at Rudolph after last season, and he's going to get at least half to show them his improvement. But they should also give Dobbs some reps to see what they got in their # 3. – Brooke Pryor

Stat of knowing: In the last four weeks, the Steelers came in last with 19.5 in offensive efficiency (scaled from 0 to 100). They have done 37.4% of their journeys this season without falling back to a league high.

Playoff / draft image: The Browns have a 57.6% chance of making the playoffs and can win or lose at Indianapolis. There is also a scenario where they make it, when the ravens, stallions, and dolphins all win but the titans lose. The Steelers have banned AFC North, but they are excluded from the chance of first place at the conference – they can win the second seed with one win and one loss to Buffalo. The Steelers' odds of being number 2 in the AFC are 16.4%.

Injuries: Steelers | Browns

What you should know for the imagination: Pittsburgh recipient Diontae Johnson has been a top 15 recipient in five of his last seven games, but can he be the center of attention with Rudolph? The next time Rudolph throws 255 yards or three touchdowns in a game is the first time. So trust all the Steelers this weekend. See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: Cleveland is 2-9 ATS this season in conference games and 0-5 ATS in division games. Brown's quarterback Baker Mayfield is 11-21-1 ATS in his career in conference games, including 6-10 ATS in division games. Continue reading.

Pryor's Choice: Browns 20, Steelers 17
Trotter's choice: Browns 24, Steelers 23
FPI prediction: PIT 55.4% (average 1.9 points)

Matchup must be read: Wait, what did Tomlin say? Deciphering the (many) slogans of the Steelers trainer … Chubb, Hunt enliven Brown's & # 39; glorious days of Mack, Byner … Steelers & # 39; Roethlisberger to sit down, Rudolph to start against Browns … Flip-Phones, & # 39; Friends & # 39; and LeBron's debut: It's been 18 years since the Browns played offs … How Roethlisberger's halftime message was fun again for Steelers … It's been 25 years since the Browns broke Cleveland's heart and went to Baltimore … Browns closed the facility for second day

1:00 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
65.3 | Spread:: BAL-13 (44)

What to look out for: With Baltimore needing a win to secure a place in the playoffs, Cincinnati plans to spoilers for the first time since 2015 and end the season with a three-game winning streak. But the # 1 rush of the Ravens is a big reason visitors will be the strong favorite against Cincinnati. – Ben baby

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Courageous prediction: Raven quarterback Lamar Jackson will become the first quarterback in NFL history to race over 1,000 yards in two seasons. Jackson needs 92 meters for this on Sunday. He averaged 112 yards in his first three encounters with the Bengals before facing them just twice (for a career dip of 3 yards) in week 5. – Jamison Hensley

Stat of knowing: Bengal's Broad Receiver Tee Higgins is 92 receiving yards not belonging to A.J. Green (2011) and Cris Collinsworth (1981) the only Bengals newbies with 1,000 receiving yards.

Playoff / draft image: The Ravens can secure a playoff spot with a win, a loss to a Browns, or a loss to a Colts. FPI likes these opportunities and gives them a 90.6% chance of making the postseason. However, the Bengals are more concerned with drafting a position. They are expected to be number 5, and FPI has them with a 73.3% chance of staying in the top 5 on Sunday night.

Injuries: Ravens | Bengals

What you should know for the imagination: Here comes Lamar! Jackson has averaged 40.4% more Fantasy Points per game over the past three weeks than he did before week 14 this season. See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: The Ravens have played five times in a row and are a double-digit favorite in the regular season at 41-0. They are the only franchise that is unbeaten in games like this. Continue reading.

Hensley's choice: Ravens 31, Bengals 10
Baby's Choice: Ravens 30, Bengals 14
FPI prediction: BAL 74.1% (average 8.6 points)

Matchup must be read: Kings of Chill: Ravens is the most dominant team in the NFL in December … Strong offensive ending, exactly what Bengals need for 2021 … Dominant running game? Torrid Pass Rush? The greatest strength of Ravens is the focus

1:00 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
29.0 | Spread:: NE-3 (39.5)

What to look out for: Does the phone work on the sidelines of the patriots? After coach Bill Belichick was frustrated with a loss to the Bills in Week 16, communication was emphasized in a final that has no other meaning than drafting a position. – Mike Reiss

Courageous prediction: Jets quarterback Sam Darnold, who has not played the Patriots since the infamous "Ghost" game in 2019, will claim his first career win over the Patriots in what may be his last game with the Jets. The Jets were beaten 71: 3 at Darnolds two starts against the Patriots (four interceptions). – Rich Cimini

Stat of knowing: The Patriots have eight temporary touchdowns and 14 interceptions this season. They only finished with fewer than 10 passing TDs once in a season: 1970 when they racked up seven touchdowns and 28 picks.

Playoff / draft image: The Jets secured second place on the draft, but the Patriots can still slide up or down the draft board. Currently they are expected to hold the 15th election, with a 0.7% chance of getting into the top 10.

Injuries: Jets | Patriots

What you should know for the imagination: New York recipient Jamison Crowder came through last week (29.3 Fantasy Points) and saved you with a score when you first met New England. Note, however, that he only targeted 10.5% of his routes in this game, his second lowest rate of the season. See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: The Patriots have won each of the last nine meetings, but they are only 5-4 ATS in those games. Continue reading.

Cimini's choice: Jets 17, Patriots 16
Reiss' choice: Jets 20, Patriots 17
FPI prediction: NE 73.1% (average 8.2 points)

Matchup must be read: Gase blames itself for Jets & # 39; sad offense and says & # 39; that's up to me & # 39; … Belichick remains the right person to help Patriots & # 39; Refill squad … Let's face it: Jets & # 39; Gase should have fired Williams earlier … Patriots & # 39; Newtonian Vents After Blowout Loss: & # 39; It Is Extremely Frustrating To Know What You Are Able To & # 39; … Jets & # 39; gore for week 17 with an uncertain future



Mina Kimes makes an argument why even Tom Brady wouldn't have made the Patriots into the playoffs this season.

1:00 p.m. ET | Fox
Matchup rating:
26.5 | Spread:: MIN -7 (53.5)

What to look out for: Trickery! Week 17 is usually full of randomness – for example, in the past week of the regular season, the Lions have posted incorrect field goals and offensive linemen that received touchdown passes. With everyone knows that regime change is imminent in Detroit, we may see some profound plays in the finale. There's at least one thing that could make this game interesting. – Michael Rothstein

Courageous prediction: How's that for brave: When the Lions play quarterback Matthew Stafford, who sustained an ankle injury in Week 16, it will be his last game in Detroit. The suppressed Lions organization is looking for a clean sheet of paper. So don't be shocked if new people are hired in the front office before this game starts. And a clean slate likely means the Lions moved on in 2009 from the QB that designed the # 1 overall. – Courtney Cronin

Stat of knowing: Viking receiver Justin Jefferson has played six games with more than 100 receiving yards this season, one of which Odell Beckham Jr. (2014) has tied the most by the rookie since the AFL and NFL merged in 1970. He also needed 111 yards to break Anquan Boldin's mark for most of the receiving yards of a Viking freshman in the Super Bowl era (since 1966).

Playoff / draft image: Everything here revolves around design positions. There is no impact on the playoffs here. The Lions are expected to vote in 7th place, and their chances of staying in the top 10 are 86.8% per FPI. You even have a 27.5% chance of getting into the top 5. According to FPI forecasts, the Vikings look to be the 13th selection with a low 2.9% chance of making it into the top 10 selection.

Injuries: Vikings | Lions

What you should know for the imagination: How lucky do you feel Marvin Jones Jr. has scored less than 13.5 Fantasy Points in six of eight games against the Vikings since joining the Lions. He has three games over 23 points this season but that risks seven single digits. See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: There has to be something. The Vikings haven't covered in six consecutive games, but they have covered each of their last six games against the Lions. Continue reading.

Cronin's choice: Vikings 28, lions 16
Rothstein's choice: Vikings 28, lions 14
FPI prediction: MIN, 73.6% (average 8.4 points)

Matchup must be read: There's no quick fix to the worst defense Vikings & # 39; Zimmer has ever had … Lions interview Smith, Dimitroff and Pioli for the job of general manager … Source: Cook out vs. Lions after Father's Death … Why Saleh, Defense Coordinator for the 49ers, would be an intriguing candidate for Lions

1:00 p.m. ET | Fox
Matchup rating:
21.4 | Spread:: DAL -2 (44.5)

What to look out for: The Cowboys have dominated this rivalry, winning seven times in a row. The last time the Giants beat the Cowboys was over four years ago, late in the 2016 season, when Odell Beckham Jr.'s 61-yard touchdown turned out to be the difference. The Giants are hoping the series will finally end now, along with their playoff drought. You haven't made the playoffs since that 2016 season. – Jordan Raanan

This is what the postseason bracket looks like at the moment and what scenarios are ahead of us.
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Courageous prediction: The giants will face the cowboys less than 100 meters. Dallas has allowed 2,416 yards on the ground this season, the second highest in team history. Even during their three-game winning streak, the Cowboys allow 134 yards per game on the ground. You have only played two games this season without giving up 100 meters on the ground. The first came against New York (89 yards on 27 runs). Since running 190 yards in their last win against Seattle in Week 13, the Giants have not hit 78 yards in a game on the ground. – Todd Archer

Stat of knowing: Sales and takeaways were critical to the cowboys' turnaround. In their first 12 games they had a return on sales of minus 13 and a return on sales of minus 92 points. In the last three games they have a sales margin of plus 9 and a sales margin of plus 48 points – with zero points being taken from them.

Playoff / draft image: The winner of that game will make the playoffs – and win NFC East – if Washington loses to the Eagles on Sunday night. If the Giants win the division, their potential win percentage of 0.375 would be the worst win percentage ever for a playoff team. The Cowboys have a 16.5% chance while the Giants have a 24.0% chance per FPI. Win or lose, both teams may consider a draft order if Washington scores a win. FPI has the Giants with the 11th choice (a 52.5% chance of getting into the top 10 and a 10.1% chance of making the top 5) while the Cowboys are one place back in 12th place ( 52.4% chance for the top 10).

Injuries: Cowboys | Giants

What you should know for the imagination: Cowboys recipient Michael Gallup has had his best game of the season (30.1 points against the Eagles) but can he make it twice in a row? After his two other 20-point performances this season, he couldn't even score five fantasy points in the game. See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: In the last 30 seasons, New York still has 7-1 and 6-2 ATS in the playoff race in week 17. Dallas is ATS 2-6 and 3-5 in these games. Continue reading.

Archers selection: Cowboys 27, Giants 17
Raanan's choice: Giants 23, Cowboys 21
FPI prediction: NYG, 59.5% (average 3.2 points)

Matchup must be read: With playoff chances under 1%, the Cowboys found their formula … Giants' road to postseason not that complicated … Dalton makes $ 1 million when Cowboys reach playoffs … Who will win NFC East? Washington's favorite, but the Giants and Cowboys aren't far behind

4:25 p.m. ET | FOX
Matchup rating:
76.6 | Spread:: SEA-6 (46)

What to look out for: They're a long shot, but the Seahawks still have a chance of stealing the NFC's # 1 seed with some other help, which means they'll be hungry to get strong here. The 49ers loved to play the spoiler role for Arizona last week and would love nothing more than to complicate their biggest rival's postseason path. Given that three of the six wins of the season in San Francisco are in the division, don't be surprised if the 49ers hold it closer than they did when these teams last met. – Nick Wagoner

Courageous prediction: Seahawks Cornerback D.J. Reed Jr. will play another big game against his former team. He picked Jimmy Garoppolo on his Seahawks debut in Week 9, a game he'd circled on his calendar since the 49ers gave him up in August. Since then he has earned a starting job at Right Cornerback and has been part of Seattle's defensive turnaround. As the team's top punt returner, it seems like only a matter of time before he breaks off a long return. – Brady Henderson

Stat of knowing: The Seahawks have allowed an NFL low of 13.7 points per game since week 11 and are going 5-1 in that stretch. They allowed 29.6 per game in the first 10 weeks of the season which finished 28th in the League occupied.

Playoff / draft image: The Niners won't return to the playoffs, but the Seahawks have locked NFC West in and can secure the number 1 with a win, a loss in New Orleans and a loss at Green Bay. Your FPI chances of being number 1 in NFC are 5.5%. The 49ers are currently expected to have the 14th draft pick, with a 1.4% chance of making the top 10.

Injuries: 49ers | Seahawks

What you should know for the imagination: Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson led you through the first two months of the season but has been QB16 for week 10 per game (16.2 points per game, ranked behind Philip Rivers and Baker Mayfield). See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: Seattle has been 14-4 ATS against San Francisco since 2012, including a week 8 cover this season. Continue reading.

Waggoner's choice: Seahawks 23, 49ers 20
Henderson's choice: Seahawks 26, 49ers 17
FPI prediction: SEA, 60.1% (average 3.4 points)

Matchup must be read: Injuries, threatening skies and moving: The nightmare season of the 49ers is finally coming to an end … What a difference a year makes: Seahawks & # 39; backcourt at full strength starts in January … Shanahan plans the future with Garoppolo … "Lights out": Seahawks' defensive turnaround key to the NFC West title

4:25 p.m. ET | Fox
Matchup rating:
76.0 | Spread:: GB -5.5 (51)

What to look out for: Everything is at stake for the bears and quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. Chicago last faced Green Bay in a regular season finale of this magnitude in 2013 when the Packers took a late win to win the division and crush the Bears' playoff hopes. Green Bay has won 18 of the last 21 in the series, and Trubisky – no longer under contract after the year – usually battles the Packers. A Bears win puts her in the postseason for the second time in three years and could give Trubisky a second life in Chicago. – Jeff Dickerson

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Courageous prediction: The Packers will prove that last week's almost dominant defensive performance against the Titans was no accident. The Bears have scored 30 points in four straight games – the first time since 1965 – and averaged 35.0 points in the past four weeks (third-best in the NFL at that distance). But they will have trouble getting past a resurgent Packers defense over 20. – Rob Demovsky

Stat of knowing: Bears running back to David Montgomery have only been chasing Derrick Henry (698) in frenzied yards since week 12 (529). And his six TDs on the ground let him follow only Alvin Kamara in the same amount of time.

Playoff / draft image: The bears will need either a win against Green Bay or a loss in Arizona to get into the postseason (75.0% chance per FPI). The Packers are the NFC North champions and can reach number 1 in the NFC with a win or loss in Seattle (79.8% chance).

Injuries: Packer | Bears

What you should know for the imagination: When these two teams met for the first time this season, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers earned 25.6 Fantasy Points, his best game against the Bears since week 10 of 2014. See week 17 leaderboard.

Betting nugget: The Packers have attended three consecutive meetings and are 18-7 ATS against Chicago when Rodgers starts (including playoffs). Continue reading.

Demovsky's choice: Packer 33, Bear 18
Dickerson's choice: Packer 30, Bear 21
FPI prediction: GB, 65.9% (average 5.4 points)

Matchup must be read: Lambeau Leaps aside, Dillon shows what he can do for Packers & # 39; offense … Everything for Trubisky depends on Bears beating Green Bay … Packers & # 39; Adams, Rodgers & # 39; on the same page & # 39; straight to record books … keep local artists The bears' team photo tradition lives on during the pandemic

4:25 p.m. ET | Fox
Matchup rating:
73.1 | Spread:: NO-7 (47.5)

What to look out for: Carolina quarterback Teddy Bridgewater's protection will be limited to a fifth left tackle (converted security guard Michael Schofield). The Saints have one of the best pass rushes in the NFL, ranking eighth in sacks at 42. It could be a long day for Bridgewater, who fought under duress. – David Newton

Courageous prediction: Saints running back Alvin Kamara score fewer than six touchdowns. But uncovered rookie Saints recipient Marquez Callaway will make the first touchdown pass of his career as the Saints become the first team to beat the rest of the NFC South division in one season. – Mike Triplet

Stat of knowing: Kamara has 59 career touchdowns. With a TD in week 17, he became the third player in NFL history to score 60 goals in his first four seasons, alongside Terrell Davis, 61, and LaDainian Tomlinson, 60.

Playoff / draft image: The Saints won the NFC Süd and with help they can still win the number 1 of the conference. You need a win, a loss at Green Bay, and a win in Seattle, though FPI says it's only 14.7% likely. The Panthers are expected to have the No. 8 draft pick next April. FPI still gives them an 8.9% chance of scoring a top 5 spot and says they'll likely stay in the top 10 this week at 78.9%.

Injuries: Saints | Panther

What you should know for the imagination: Panthers receiver DJ Moore has been underutilized lately with one missed game and two single-digit appearances in the Panthers' last four games. But his best game of the season was against these Saints in week 7 (23.3 fantasy points). See the ranking of the 17th week.

Betting nugget: Road advantage? The Saints have been 17-6 ATS in street games since 2018. Read more.

Triplet choice: Saints 27, Panthers 16
Newton's choice: Saints 38, panthers 10
FPI prediction: NO, 72.8% (average 8.1 points)

Matchup must be read: "Are we really in the NFL?" The Saints remember the 2005 nomadic season after Hurricane Katrina … Panthers could go with substance over style on Moton payday … Why Kamara's Monster Game was so important to Saints, Brees … McCaffrey ended the 2020 season on the Sideline

4:25 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
57.4 | Spread:: ARI-3 (40.5)

What to look out for: The Rams have won seven straight wins against the Cardinals under coach Sean McVay, and despite a low-injury attack, a high-level defense makes eight possible. Watch out for defensive tackles against Aaron Donald and cornerback Jalen Ramsey to devastate quarterback Kyler Murray and his arsenal of playmakers. In Week 10, Murray was sacked twice and limited to 173 yards despite throwing three touchdowns. The Cardinals defense has a chance to benefit from a Rams attack led by backup quarterback John Wolford, who will make his first appearance in the NFL. – Lindsey Thiry

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Courageous prediction: The Cardinals will finish the most important game for this franchise in the last five seasons with less than 250 yards of total insult. The Rams' defense ranks first in yards per game, yards per game, yards per game, and yards per game, along with rank three in rushing yards per game and per game. When Murray is dealing with a leg injury, the Cardinals offensive will feel the effects, compounded by the Rams' strong defense. – Josh Weinfuss

Stat zu wissen: Der Empfänger DeAndre Hopkins aus Arizona kann der vierte Spieler in der Franchise-Geschichte werden, mit acht 100-Yard-Empfangsspielen in einer Saison. Rob Moore hatte 1997 acht, David Boston hatte 2001 neun und Anquan Boldin hatte 2005 acht.

Playoff / Entwurfsbild: Dieser ist für beide Seiten riesig. Die Rams können sich einen Playoff-Platz mit einem Sieg oder einer Niederlage in Chicago sichern, während die Cardinals ihr Ticket mit einem Sieg schlagen können. Die Rams haben laut FPI-Prognosen eine Chance von 87,7%, die Playoffs zu erreichen, während die Karten bei 37,3% liegen.

Verletzungen: Kardinäle | Widder

Was Sie für die Fantasie wissen sollten: Murray hat in den letzten drei Spielen 29 Eilversuche unternommen und damit die 15, die er in seinen letzten drei Spielen hatte, fast verdoppelt. Er hat in drei Karriere-Matchups mit den Rams nur 43 Rushing Yards, aber zumindest wird versucht, seine fantasiefreundlichste Eigenschaft zu nutzen. Siehe Rangliste der 17. Woche.

Wettnugget: Die Rams haben jedes der letzten sieben Kopf-an-Kopf-Matchups (sechs davon von mehr als einem TD) abgedeckt. Weiterlesen.

Weinfuss 'Wahl: Rams 24, Cardinals 21
Die Wahl von Thiry: Rams 13, Cardinals 10
FPI-Vorhersage: LAR 62,7% (durchschnittlich 4,3 Punkte)

Matchup muss gelesen werden: Die Achterbahn-Saison der Cardinals läuft auf ein Spiel hinaus … Rams setzt Kupp auf die Reserve- / COVID-19-Liste … Murray sagt, er wird in einem Must-Win-Spiel spielen … Wer ist QB Wolford?

16:25 Uhr ET | FUCHS
37.1 | Ausbreitung:: LAC -3,5 (43,5)

Worauf Sie achten sollten: Die Chiefs werden versuchen, möglichst viele ihrer Stammgäste aus dem Weg zu räumen, nachdem sie letzte Woche den Playoff-Samen Nr. 1 der AFC gewonnen haben. Der Quarterback von Chargers, Justin Herbert, steht also vor einem großen Tag. Er begann seine NFL-Karriere in Woche 2 gegen die Chiefs, indem er 311 Yards und einen Touchdown bei einer Niederlage in der Verlängerung warf. – Adam Teicher

Mutige Vorhersage: Herbert wird mit einem Spiel über 400 Yards stark abschließen. Da die Chiefs wahrscheinlich einige defensive Starter haben, wird er den Rookie-Passing-Yard-Rekord brechen. Seine 4.034 Yards sind derzeit Vierter auf der Liste, und er braucht 341, um Andrew Luck am meisten zu überholen. – Shelley Smith

Stat zu wissen: Tight End des Chiefs Travis Kelce hat in dieser Saison 1.416 Empfangswerften, die meisten davon mit einem Tight End. Er braucht in Woche 17 44 mehr als Stefon Diggs, um in dieser Saison den ersten Gesamtrang zu erreichen – wenn er spielt. Kein knappes Ende hat die NFL jemals dazu gebracht, in einer Saison Yards zu erhalten.

Playoff / Entwurfsbild: Die Chiefs haben sowohl den AFC West als auch die Nummer 1 der Konferenz eingesperrt. Sie erhalten sowohl einen Heimvorteil während der AFC-Playoffs als auch eine Wildcard-Runde. Die Ladegeräte werden mit einer Wahrscheinlichkeit von 33,5% einen Top-10-Draft-Pick für April abschließen. FPI hat sie derzeit auf Platz 10 ausgewählt.

Verletzungen: Ladegeräte | Chefs

Was Sie für die Fantasie wissen sollten: Los Angeles läuft zurück Austin Ekeler hat in vier seiner fünf Spiele mehr als sieben Fantasy-Punkte als Passfänger erzielt, seit er in Woche 12 wieder in Aktion getreten ist. Siehe Rangliste von Woche 17.

Wettnugget: Seit 1990 haben Teams, die zuvor in den Playoffs einen Heimvorteil erzielt haben, in Woche 17 9-23 ATS. Weiterlesen.

Smiths Wahl: Ladegeräte 24, Chefs 21
Teichers Wahl: Ladegeräte 26, Chefs 20
FPI-Vorhersage: KC, 65,5% (durchschnittlich 5,3 Punkte)

Matchup muss gelesen werden: "Wir wussten nicht, dass er so gut ist": Chargers 'Herbert zeichnet sich trotz ungewöhnlichen Rookie-Jahres aus … Mahomes hat Arbeit zu erledigen, auch wenn er am Sonntag sitzt … Chargers' Herbert stellt Rookie-Rekord für TD-Pässe auf … Chiefs to ruhen Mahomes während des regulären Saisonfinales

16:25 Uhr ET | CBS
51,5 | Ausbreitung:: TEN -7,5 (56)

Worauf Sie achten sollten: Wird Tennessee Derrick Henry für die Saison über 2.000 Rushing Yards zurückrennen? Er ist bei 1.777 im Spiel (223 kurz) und steht vor der 31. Run Defense. In Henrys letzten beiden Spielen gegen die Texaner hat er mehr als 200 Rushing Yards beendet. – Sarah Barshop

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Mutige Vorhersage: Der Quarterback der Titanen, Ryan Tannehill, wird 300 Yards haben, und beide A.J. Brown (924 Yards) und Corey Davis (945 Yards) erhalten die notwendige Produktion, um das Plateau mit 1.000 Empfangsplätzen für die Saison zu überqueren. The Titans will take advantage of a Texans pass defense that is allowing 7.6 yards per completion and an NFL-worst 69.8% completion percentage to opposing quarterbacks. – Turron Davenport

Stat to know: Tennessee has 15 sacks this season. The fewest sacks by a team to make the playoffs in a 16-game season is 19 (1979 Broncos), and only four teams have finished a 16-game season with 16 or fewer sacks.

Playoff/draft picture: The AFC South is still up for grabs. The Titans can clinch it with a win or a Colts loss. But they can also simply clinch a playoff berth with a loss from the Ravens or Dolphins. What does FPI say? They have a 92.3% chance to make the playoffs and a 64.8% chance to win the AFC South. The Texans are truly playing for nothing, win or lose. They're eliminated from the playoffs, but they also do not have a first-round draft pick. For what it's worth, their original pick — traded to Miami — is currently projected to be No. 4 overall with a 63.1% shot of ending up in the top five. Rough.

Injuries: Titans | Texans

What to know for fantasy: The running back on the other sideline gets the majority of headlines, but David Johnson has quietly posted his best two games of the season over the past two weeks (28.4 points last week against the Bengals). See Week 17 rankings.

Betting nugget: In Tannehill starts since the beginning of last season, the Titans are 20-4-1 ATS. Read more.

Davenport's pick: Titans 35, Texans 20
Barshop's pick: Titans 31, Texans 17
FPI prediction: TEN, 58.1% (by an average of 2.8 points)

Matchup must-reads: Titans need to start fast in season finale vs. Texans to win AFC South … Watt rants on Texans' lack of professionalism, feels bad for fans … Cooks shows in loss why Texans should find a way to keep him

4:25 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
38.0 | Ausbreitung:: IND -14 (49.5)

What to watch for: How will the Colts' offensive tackles match up against the Jaguars' pass-rushers? Yes, the Colts will have starting right tackle Braden Smith (reserve/COVID-19 list) back for the game, but there's still a gigantic hole on the left side after the losses of veteran Anthony Castonzo (ankle) and backup Will Holden (ankle). Indianapolis gave up a season-high five sacks against Pittsburgh in Week 16. There's no better way for the Jaguars to boost their woeful sack numbers (18 on the season) than going against a backup left tackle. – Mike Wells

Bold prediction: The Jaguars will sack quarterback Philip Rivers three times. Rivers has been sacked only 19 times this season — his ability to get the ball out quickly is a large part of that — but with Castonzo out, the Jags will get home. Jaguars rookie defensive end K'Lavon Chaisson has come on late in the season, recording 11 of his 20 QB pressures in the past four games, per ESPN Stats & Information research. Chaisson will get the second sack of his career on Sunday. – Mike DiRocco

Stat to know: The Colts are allowing 92.9 opponent rushing yards per game this season, the second fewest in the NFL. And Jacksonville running back James Robinson will not play.

Playoff/draft picture: Currently on the outside looking in, the Colts still have a 78.7% chance to play postseason football, per FPI. Better yet, FPI is giving them a 35.2% chance to even win the AFC South. The Colts can clinch the division with a win and a Titans loss, but they also can clinch a playoff berth with a win and a loss from either the Ravens, Browns or Dolphins. The Jaguars are locked into the No. 1 draft pick, win or lose.

Injuries: Jaguars | Colts

What to know for fantasy: Since returning to action in Week 13, Colts running back Jonathan Taylor has been the third-best fantasy running back with 91.9 fantasy points. Over that stretch, he has more rushing touchdowns (five) than he had this season prior (four). See Week 17 rankings.

Betting nugget: The Jags are 9-1-1 ATS against the Colts since 2015, and their only win this season came in Week 1 against these Colts as a 7-point underdog. Read more.

DiRocco's pick: Colts 31, Jaguars 12
Wells' pick: Colts 24, Jaguars 14
FPI prediction: IND, 84.1% (by an average of 13.2 points)

Matchup must-reads: Jaguars RB Robinson ruled out, falling short of undrafted rookie record … Colts won't share scores of playoff rivals during must-win Week 17 game … Eight plays and players who helped send Lawrence to Jaguars … Colts LT Castonzo set for season-ending ankle surgery … Colts need help to avoid becoming third 11-win team to miss playoffs



Field Yates and Mike Clay predict T.Y. Hilton to have another solid game as the Colts face the Jaguars in the season finale.

4:25 p.m. ET | CBS
Matchup rating:
34.7 | Ausbreitung:: LV -2.5 (51)

What to watch for: It is Denver quarterback Drew Lock's final chance in 2020 to show whether he can be the 2021 starter. He has gotten some votes of confidence along the way, and the Broncos do figure to amp up the competition in the quarterback room a bit this offseason, but this is his closing argument in a decidedly up-and-down year. He goes into this one tied for the league lead in interceptions and ranking last in completion percentage. – Jeff Legwold

Bold prediction: After leaving so many points on the field last week, settling for field goals from 23, 38, 20 and 22 yards, the Raiders will unleash a Marcus Mariota package deep in the red zone to try to score TDs rather than FGs. Starting quarterback Derek Carr, with his strained groin, was nowhere near mobile last week, but Mariota is healthy and not against extending plays or running the ball in. — Paul Gutierrez

Stat to know: The Raiders are 5-14 in December/January regular-season games since 2017, the worst record in such games in the NFL over that span.

Playoff/draft picture: With the Raiders officially out of it, this is another game whose implications are limited to draft position concerns. Denver is projected to have the ninth draft spot per FPI, and it has a 54.7% chance to stay in the top 10. It even has an ever-so-slight chance at the top five (0.3%, per FPI). The Raiders are currently looking at the No. 17 draft spot, and they cannot enter the top 10 at this point.

Injuries: Raiders | Broncos

What to know for fantasy: Over the past two weeks, the Broncos' Noah Fant ranks inside the top five tight ends in targets (21), receptions (14) and fantasy points (33.3). See Week 17 rankings.

Betting nugget: The Raiders have covered five straight meetings, and each of the past seven meetings went under the total. Read more.

Gutierrez's pick: Broncos 27, Raiders 26
Legwold's pick: Broncos 23, Raiders 21
FPI prediction: LV, 53.4% (by an average of 1.2 points)

Matchup must-reads: Waller, Jacobs vibrant foundation pieces in bleak end to Raiders season … Jeudy's drops 'unacceptable' during difficult rookie season … Raiders' Gruden on not going for TD: 'Don't regret it one bit'

20:20 Uhr ET | NBC
Matchup rating:
23.1 | Ausbreitung:: WSH -1.5 (43.5)

What to watch for: The Eagles set a record with 13 different offensive line combinations over their first 14 games, and further changes could be coming if left tackle Jordan Mailata isn't cleared from concussion protocol. Regardless, Philadelphia has its hands full against a Washington defense that ranks fifth in sacks with 44. — Tim McManus

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Bold prediction: Regardless of starting quarterback, it'll be the defense and run game that flourish for Washington. Running back Antonio Gibson will run for 75 yards and a touchdown, and defensive end Chase Young will record two sacks. But maybe this is the boldest prediction: Washington will score on its opening possession for the first time all year. – John Keim

Stat to know: Washington has a minus-106 score differential in the first half this season (30th in NFL) and a plus-106 score differential in the second half (best in NFL). That 212-point gap in differentials between halves would be the largest by any team in the past 20 seasons.

Playoff/draft picture: Win and in for Washington. That's all. A victory secures the NFC East and a playoff berth. The Eagles are out of it, but they are currently projected to pick at No. 6 in the draft. They have a lock on the top 10 and a 40.6% chance to rise into the top five.

Injuries: Washington | Eagles

What to know for fantasy: Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has scored north of 17 fantasy points in all three of his starts this season, with his 75.7 points ranking third at the position over that stretch. See Week 17 rankings.

Betting nugget: Philadelphia is 3-0 ATS as a home underdog this season and 11-4 ATS in such situations under coach Doug Pederson (including the playoffs). Read more.

Keim's pick: Washington 21, Eagles 17
McManus' pick: Washington 24, Eagles 23
FPI prediction: WSH, 58.9% (by an average of 3.0 points)

Matchup must-reads: Win or go home: Washington playing with 'house money' in familiar scenario … Pederson can lead an Eagles turnaround, if the front office lets him … Who's going to win NFC East? Washington the favorite, but Giants and Cowboys aren't far behind … Pederson 'fully expects' to return as Eagles' head coach in 2021 … Rivera cements his power in Washington by releasing Haskins Jr.