NIMBY’s are making extra noise than wind generators

NIMBY’s are making more noise than wind turbines

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By Ronald Stein | December 14, 2020 | Energy |

There is growing concern that fossil fuel power generation is contributing to climate change and air pollution. In response to these concerns, governments around the world are encouraging the installation of intermittent power generation projects, including industrial wind turbines (IWT).

But whoa, Nelly! NIMBYs (Not-In-My-Backyard) around the globe from Germany to Australia, California, New York and Massachusetts speak loudly and act to stop the invasion of noisy wind farms in their backyards. After numerous reports from Maryland to Canada to France of wind turbine noise, the NIMBYs are being powered (no pun intended).

  • The National Center for Biotechnology Information in Bethesda, Maryland (NCBI) reported that industrial wind turbine amplitude modulation, audible low frequency noise, audio noise, infrasound, and lack of nighttime mitigation have been identified as plausible noise characteristics that can lead to disturbances and other health effects . Documented symptoms reported by people exposed to wind turbines include: difficulty sleeping, headache, ear pressure, dizziness, dizziness, nausea, visual disturbances, irritability, difficulty concentrating and memory, and panic attacks related to sensations of internal pulsations or tremors in the Waking or sleeping.
  • The Green Energy Act (GEA) of Ontario, Canada may have been well intentioned, but a recent analysis of the environmental and economic impact of the Green Energy Act of Ontario, published by the Fraser Institute, shows that the GEA had a catastrophic impact on Ontario's energy rates and will seriously jeopardize the economic competitiveness of manufacturing and mining.
  • The French Academy of Medicine declares wind turbines to be harmful to health. The planned expansion of the terrestrial wind energy sector is leading to an increasing number of complaints from associations of residents who report malfunctions that lead to the so-called "wind turbine syndrome". The report finds that noise is the most common complaint. The sound is described as piercing, busy, and constantly surprising because of its irregular intensity. The noise includes grilles and inappropriate noises that distract attention or disturb the calm. The spontaneous recurrence of these noises disturbs sleep, suddenly wakes the subject when the wind rises, and prevents the subject from falling asleep again.

Despite the political obsession with intermittent electricity from wind turbines, NIMBYs are alive and well! Here is a selection of NIMBYs around the world from Germany to Australia, California, New York and Massachusetts who are increasingly stopping the installation of these monstrosities in their backyards:

  • In Germany, thousands of practically incessant turbines are being driven insane, producing low frequency noise and infrasound, and fighting back with an anger and energy that has shaken the wind industry. There are now hundreds of groups in the anti-wind industry throughout Germany. Many of these groups and individuals have initiated legal disputes against developers and the government either to prevent wind farms from being built or to obtain significant financial compensation for the loss of use and enjoyment of their homes. In Germany, locals voiced their opposition without a doubt – they voted 25-1 against a huge wind project proposed for their paradise.
  • In Australia and New Zealand, reports of adverse health effects and reduced quality of life are also documented in industrial wind turbine projects (IWTs) in their countries.
  • In California, San Bernardino is the state's largest county and "has banned the construction of large solar and wind farms with more than 1 million acres of private land." Residents don't want their rural desert community to be littered with renewable energy
  • In New York, America's rural communities like Arkwright, NY, have gone on the offensive against the high wind turbine attack. Andrew Cuomo, New York's wind-obsessed governor, is determined to populate his state with thousands of wind turbines. With the onslaught looming and already fed up with what they had to suffer, upstate New Yorkers have taken matters into their own hands and produced a documentary about the noise of local wind turbines.
  • In Massachusetts, before installing their wind turbines, the city of Falmouth had documented that the megawatt wind turbines were too loud for residential areas. The documentation includes emails, maps, a written warning letter, and a 2013 admission from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center that "mistakes" were made in the original predictions for acoustic noise. The first wind turbine in Falmouth was commissioned in 2010. Ultimately, the Falmouth wind turbines are far inferior to any experiment ever conducted in the US, as state and local officials have always had firsthand knowledge of the health damage and property requirements with no compensation. State and local officials were on an agenda to reach 2000 megawatts of commercial wind power by 2020.

The list of NIMBY resistance goes on and on in places like New York, Wisconsin, and Scotland, etc.

Before politicians run these wind turbines too quickly to produce intermittent power, they should read the numerous published reports from Maryland to Canada to France on the effects of wind turbine noise and listen to their NIMBY constituents rejecting these monstrosities in their backyards.


Ronald Stein is an engineer who founded PTS Advance in 1995 based on 25 years of project management and business development experience. He is an author, engineer, and energy expert, and writes frequently on energy and business issues.

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