No, @ClimatePower “Local weather Change” Isn’t Making It More durable to Vote

No, @ClimatePower “Climate Change” Isn’t Making It Harder to Vote

A press release from a political group called “ClimatePower2020” claims ridiculously that “climate change” is making voting in the upcoming presidential election difficult by creating severe weather extremes that discourage people from voting. There is simply no credible evidence that "climate change" has anything to do with voter access to in-person or mail-in voting. The premise is nothing more than climate alarmism at its worst.

The press release says, "When you vote for Donald Trump, you enable the oppression of voters on the climate" because Trump does not bid on climate issues.

At best, this is faulty circular logic. In the worst case scenario, it is a lie aimed at voters with little information.

Let's first take a look at who is behind this. The advisory board for this outfit reads like a who's who of climate alarmism and the community organization. It contains a slew of political hacks like Bill Clinton's former chief of staff and "advisor" to Barack Obama John Podesta, coal baron who became climate activist and former presidential candidate Tom Steyer (due to his track record, Steyer is likely the money behind ClimatePower2020). . Then there is Dr. John Holdren, former director of the White House Science and Technology Policy Office (OSTP), who once claimed that "global climate disruption" is what we experience every day that the "polar vortex" in winter was actually evidence of the fact that the Global warming was caught in a "malice" case by a federal judge when he was pressured to produce evidence.

Then there's the boatload of community organizers, actors, and would-be social media members who make up the rest of the advisory board. Of course, you should take everything ClimatePower2020 says with a grain of salt, because it is obviously all about political action and not about science.

Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), an arm of the United Nations, stated in its special report on extreme weather that it could find no evidence of a link between severe weather events and climate change. Also in the IPCC AR5 WGI chapter 2 on extremes they prove this with even more evidence that there is no link.

The bottom line, however, is that there is no credible scientific evidence to link climate change to an alleged increase in storms, rain, snow, heat or cold. From a scientific point of view, it's a dead topic. Weather is not a climate.

Even so, climate alarmists continue to claim that any variable and normal weather event is evidence of alarming climate change. If you're wondering what the truth really is, visit, where you can find dozens of scientific, easy-to-understand rebuttals of alarmist claims covering topics like heat waves, floods, drought, and even the figurehead of climate change, polar bears.

ClimatePower2020 clearly believes that "climate change" like the "dark side of The Force" in the Star Wars film franchise is an "omnipotent force" and there is nothing it cannot influence. But the scientific evidence is just not there, so we are left with a belief system that is used to influence the gullible. "The Force" can be powerful and affect the weak:

Given the total lack of evidence, the claims made by ClimatePower2020 are just the "false news" of another dark-money political group seeking to influence the 2020 elections.

Originally published on ClimateRealism

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