Oregon climate activist wants to ban diesel fuel – Watts Up With That?

Oregon climate activist wants to ban diesel fuel – Watts Up With That?

From the “How many large protest platforms do you want in your front yard?” Department this madness comes from the Oregon legislature courtesy of Representative Karin A. Power, Democrat – District 41 – Milwaukie

This Oregon House Republican Caucus press release stated that HB3305, authored by Portland lawmaker Karin Power, would prohibit gas stations from selling diesel fuel from 2024 onwards, and nationwide until 2028.

The press release said that if passed, “… legislation would cripple Oregon’s economy by effectively preventing entire industries from operating as a whole.”

Albany Representative Shelly Boshart Davis said:

“Our entire economy depends on the free movement of goods by truck and rail, which is almost exclusively powered by diesel engines.”

She said there are simply no commercially available, inexpensive alternatives to transporting these goods. Davis said the proposal would “… destroy any industry that relies on heavy equipment, rendering tens of thousands of personal vehicles inoperable and countless Oregon people unemployed.”

Representative Vikki Breese-Iverson from Prineville said

“The super majority put the agenda above the people and our economy”. She said that if passed, Oregonians could no longer rely on everyday goods such as groceries, groceries and medicines to be readily available. “

The legislation was first read Tuesday at Oregon House, pending committee assignment.

Public relations:

You can read HB3305 here: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB3305/Introduced

It gets better. To show the sponsor is clueless, check out the reply tweet:

I do not understand this press release. We sent the language to people in advance and asked for cooperation and feedback. This directive replaces one type of diesel fuel with another type of fuel. It is led by a large shipping company that has made significant cost savings.

– Karin Power (@karin_power) March 3, 2021

She doesn’t even understand her own account from the first page:

“Petroleum diesel” means fuel that is obtained from the distillation of petroleum or its products and is suitable for use in a compression-ignition engine.

Notwithstanding ORS 646.922, a non-retailer or retailer may not sell or offer for sale to a consumer petroleum diesel for use in a motor vehicle on or after the following dates:

Basically, it is an offer to make biodiesel the “official state fuel”. Oregon already has a 5% blending mandate on all diesel fuels sold nationwide.

Is there enough biodiesel to fuel the entire state of Oregon by 2024? Doubtful. This is from 2016, where only 1.84% is biodiesel and is unlikely to be able to meet demand until 2024:

Source: https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/lpro/Publications/Background-Brief-Renewable-Fuels-2019.pdf

Most of the state’s production comes from SeQuential Biofuels in Salem, which has an annual production capacity of 15 million gallons.

The total number of gallons of diesel used in Oregon?

According to the CFP, 750 million gallons of diesel, including bio and renewable diesel, were consumed in 2017, the final year of data collected. Growth forecasts from the forecast of the Ministry of Transport from June 2018 show growth of 1.4 percent for the calendar year 2018 and growth of 1.0 percent for the calendar year 2019.

Source: https://www.oregon.gov/deq/aq/Documents/CFP-Forecast2019.pdf

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