Packers’ Aaron Rodgers getting assist he wants as he leads NFC’s prime offense

Packers' Aaron Rodgers getting help he needs as he leads NFC's top offense

The Packers are 3-0 and, as always, the focus will be on their two-time MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers went through for 283 yards and three touchdowns in Green Bay's 37:30 win in New Orleans on Sunday Night Football. He's back in MVP form with 887 yard passes, nine touchdown passes and no interceptions through a blistering three game stretch where the Packers averaged 40.7 points and 459.7 yards per game.

But Rodgers isn't the biggest talking point at Green Bay, one of the three undefeated teams in the NFC, along with the Bears and Seahawks. It so happens that he has the greatest help on the offensive since the Packers' Super Bowl run in 2010 – and the selection of the team's first round in the 2020 NFL draft doesn't seem to matter now.

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Most of that sideline competed against the Saints, who fell to 2-1 with more questions about whether Drew Brees could run another Super Bowl run.

Rodgers didn't have a top recipient Davante Adams (thigh) and it didn't matter. Allen Lazard caught six passes for 146 yards and one touchdown. The tight-end trio of Robert Tonyan, Marcedes Lewis and Jace Sternberger scored nine catches, 104 yards and two TDs. The Saints focused on running back to Aaron Jones, and it didn't matter. Jones finished with 16 trages, 69 yards, and a TD rushing.

One of Sunday's biggest wins was that Green Bay didn't have to rush Adams back and risk making his injury worse.

Rodgers also has the right coach for this version of the NFL in Matt LaFleur, who improved to 16-3 in the regular season. Rodgers and LaFleur mesh better in their sophomore year when it comes to being creative. Note that Rodger's body language and his relationship with the head coach are not currently an issue. Winning will do that.

Her momentum sure looked a lot better than that between Brees and Sean Payton when the fourth quarter score was between 27 and 27. Payton tried a gimmick zone read with Taysom Hill, which resulted in a fumble that Green Bay's Za & # 39; Darius Smith reclaimed. The Packers turned that takeaway into a starting goal, and then Rodgers led a playful touchdown drive on the next possession.

Hill & # 39; s Fumble postponed that classic shootout and Green Bay took advantage. Playoff teams win these games.

However, Green Bay has yet to answer one big question: is the defense good enough? The saints scored 30 points. Alvin Kamara – another MVP candidate – had a total of 197 yards and two TDs and delighted with highlight role games. Brees ended up with 288 yards and three TDs, most of which came as he tried to keep up with the Green Bay offensive.

Defense will be a question mark all season long for a team surpassed by the 49ers in last season's NFC championship game. The Packers' next three games – against the Falcons, Buccaneers and Texans – are finished shootouts against Matt Ryan, Tom Brady and Deshaun Watson. Rodgers has to be good at these games too, but he will have help, and not just help, but help too.

Rodgers will also receive assistance with calls reserved for Hall of Fame quarterbacks. On Sunday, for example, Lewis had a touchdown for a piece where he could have been called for offensive passing problems. That diminishes what the packers have achieved.

The Packers have not won the game on Sunday in the past. Brees came home with a 10-0 record on Sunday Night Football and Rodgers had lost his last two trips to the Superdome. He didn't have enough help in these games.

Green Bay has won Minnesota and New Orleans this season, which would have been more difficult if those games had been played in full stadiums. But all teams play in empty stadiums or in front of limited spectators. The Seahawks beat the cowboys without the twelve helping them in Seattle. The bears came back to the hawk in Atlanta.

Russell Wilson from Seattle and Nick Foles from Chicago have different levels of help, but in three games it looks like Rodgers has a little more. It will be necessary to keep Green Bay in the new playoff format for conferences with seven teams on the way to becoming the coveted number 1 this year. Lambeau Field is always a source of help.

Being top seeds could help Green Bay take the next step. It has the best offense in NFC in three games, and it looks like it can compete with the two teams and quarterbacks that will deliver the encore for Week 3 of Monday Night Football. Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and Lamar Jackson of the Ravens lead the Super Bowl contenders.

If the Packers continue to give Rodgers the help he received in September, that will be the conversation we'll have in January.