Packers vs. Falcons stay rating, updates, highlights from NFL’s ‘Monday Night time Soccer’ sport

Packers vs. Falcons live score, updates, highlights from NFL's 'Monday Night Football' game

Week 4 Monday Night Football matchup consists of two teams that are at the other end of the spectrum of the winning columns this season.

The Packers (3-0), who won their games by an average of 12.3 points, will receive a Falcons team (0-3) that have tried hard to finish each of their last two games. Atlanta lost 19 and 16 points clear of the Cowboys and Bears in the second half.

Monday's meeting should be accompanied by Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay and Matt Ryan of Atlanta, as both teams' defenses in defending against the pass are in the lower half of the league: the Packers occupy 18th place, giving 247 yards each Play on; The Falcons occupy 31st place with 350 yards per game.

To that end, Atlanta is likely to look to receivers Julio Jones (thighs) and Calvin Ridley (ankles), who are both expected to play on Monday. But Packer's receiver Davante Adams (Knuckles) tweeted that he will be held back from Monday's game. Will Jones' return alongside Ridley be enough to spur the Falcons to their first win of the season? Or will they suffer another heartbreak when Green Bay takes sole command of NFC North with a 4-0 record?

Sporting News is following live scoring updates and highlights from Packers vs. Falcons in "Monday Night Football". Follow below for full NFL Week 4 game results.

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Packers vs. Falcons score

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 final
Hawks 0 3 6th 7th – –
packer 7th 13 7th 3 – –

Packers vs. Falcons Live Updates, Highlights from & # 39; Monday Night Football & # 39;

Fourth quarter: Packers 27, Falcons 16

11:32 pm: FIELD TARGET PACKERS. Crosby hits the 48-yard field goal dead center at 30-16 Packers.

11:30 pm: The Hawks get a sack on Rodgers when he tries to escape the onslaught but ends up running straight into it. Charles Harris is credited with the 12 yard sack. He's a bit nervous about the following piece – something to watch over in the future.

11:27 pm: Falcons allow another Packers drive to proceed because of a penalty for the third failure. Packers have the ball first and tenth at Atlantas 40 with 8:47 in the game.

11:22 pm: Jones continues to work for Green Bay and throws 11 yards left. It now has 13 carry places for 55 yards and six receptions for 77 yards.

11:18 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Gurley gets his second touchdown of the day, a 3 yard jump to the left. He was forced to ricochet after Green Bay clogged the running tracks, but he was given a key pad from Ryan to make him jump for the score.

Third quarter: Packers 27, Falcons 9

11:13 pm: And a 16 yard win for Olamide Zaccheaus ends the third quarter; Atlanta is 27: 9 ahead of first and tenth place at Green Bay & # 39; s 14.

11:11 pm: The Falcons try fourth, but Ryan's attempt at Ridley is incomplete. Unless the packers commit two penalties for the game; Atlanta accepts a penalty against Za & # 39; Darius Smith and takes 34 new losses at Green Bay.

11 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN PACKER. Rodgers throws his fourth touchdown of the game at a wide-open Tonyan in the end zone – his third touchdown receiver today. The hawks couldn't even hold him to keep him out of the end zone. Rodgers is now 21 of 26 for 280 yards and four points today. It's just too easy.

10:57 pm: Rodgers gets back to work with a 23-yard win to Jones – Green Bay is already on the 28-yard line from Atlanta after a decent kickoff return and face mask penalty.

10:55 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN FALCONS. Todd Gurley hits it on a 5-yard run. Elliot Fry misses the PAT so the Packers' lead drops to 20-9, with 7:20 left in the third quarter.

10:45 pm: Rodgers & # 39; hub in third place is broken and the Packers sting. Hawks take over at their 33-yard line, leaving 11:42 a.m. in the third quarter.

Half-time: Packers 20, Falcons 3

10:26 pm: Falken try to get something going before halftime but only get into midfield before Za & # 39; Darius Smith ends halftime with an 8-yard sack of Ryan.

The Packers go into halftime with a 20-3 advantage on the scoreboard and a 273-108 lead in mileage.

10:21 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN, PACKERS. A game later, Rodgers found Tonyan in the middle for an 8-yard score that was 20-3 by 46 seconds. Packers also get the ball from half-time and could end the game with another hit.

10:19 p.m .: Rodgers meets Malik Taylor briefly and the receiver takes him 20 yards down to the Atlanta 8. The Packers quarterback absolutely tears up a gutted Falcons secondary.

10:18 pm: The packers are now 58 seconds ahead of fourth and second place of the 28 Falcons.

10:14 pm: Rodgers continues to use his running backs from the backfield, hitting Williams for a 9-yard win for the Atlanta 36.

10:09 pm: The Hawks go three and out, punctuated by a 10 yard sack of Ryan from Raven Greene in third and fifth. Green Bay will get the ball back at the 50 with 1:37 on the clock and half time out remaining.

10:05 pm: The Hawks hit the two-minute warning before the second and eighth of their 27.

9:59 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN, PACKERS. Green Bay picks up a safety bolt and Rodgers makes Atlanta pay for it and hits Tonyan for a 19-yard touchdown. But a missed PAT kick from Mason Crosby slightly mitigates the damage to the Falcons. It's 13-3, Packers.

9:56 pm: And Rodgers hits Valdes-Scantling on the comeback route for a third down-conversion. Difficult for a team from Atlanta that looked like they'd disappeared from the field.

9:55 pm: Kazee is now being carted off the field. This is the fifth Falcons DB this year due to injuries and COVID-19 exemptions.

9:53 pm: Compensatory penalties force a Packers Third-and-10 game of Atlanta 47 to be replayed, but a touchless breach of Atlanta Damontae Kazee safety is more urgent. He's down on the field and is looked at by coaches at about 5:30 in the half.

9:48 pm: Rodgers finds Marquez Valdes-Scantling for a 17-yard win on the first game of the following drive. That brings Green Bay to 42.

9:44 p.m .: FIELD TARGET, FALCONS. Ryan's third pass down to Gage in the end zone is incomplete, so Atlanta is satisfied with the 23-yard field goal and instead scores 7: 3, Packers. For those who count, that's a 20-game, 94-yard field goal ride.

9:42 pm: Ryan escapes the pocket and crawls 6 yards onto the 5 to make another move to fourth.

9:41 pm: Falcons take a break in another fourth scenario, this one at 2 yards, to take advantage of the 11.

9:38 pm: And the hawks get aggressive early in the second; Ryan is fourth and third at 38 Green Bay, buying his time and finding Julio Jones for a 19 yard gain to get into the Packers' red zone.

9:35 pm: Ryan finds Russell Gage between the zones for a 13 yard gain on the third descent – the team's first transition to the third descent.

First quarter: Packers 7, Falcons 0

9:32 pm: And that will do it for the first quarter. Hawks use a strong defensive stance to limit damage to a touchdown and are currently facing the third and fifth out of 29.

9:27 pm: Falcons get their first loss in the game on a 4-yard run from Todd Gurley. Atlanta drives now at age 13.

9:24 p.m .: TURNOVER ON DOWNS, PACKERS. Atlanta's defense holds and forces a turnover on Downs on his 1. The Packers had four shots in the end zone of at least the Atlanta 6 and couldn't hit it.

9:20 pm: Finally a positive game for Atlanta: Deion Jones meets Aaron Jones in the backfield for a 5-yard loss. That puts it in third and seventh place on the Atlanta 25.

9:18 pm: Rodgers wasted no time again, this time hitting Jamaal Williams for a 29 yard gain. The Packers now drive at the Atlanta 28.

9:14 pm: This is another hawk three; Matt Ryan is currently 0 for 3 on the night with all three attempts going to Ridley. Packers take over at their 34.

9:10 p.m .: TOUCHDOWN, PACKERS. Rodgers finds a wide-open Jones in the apartment for a 6-yard touchdown to make it 7-0, Packers. It was too easy

9:08 pm: Aaron Jones is involved in the next three games for Green Bay: an 8-yard reception and two runs of 9 and 23 yards to get the Packers to Atlanta 6.

9:07 pm: Aaron Rodgers wasted no time putting Green Bay on the field and hitting Robert Tonyan in the middle for a 27-yard win for the Atlanta 46.

9:03 pm: The Falcons' receiver Calvin Ridley drops the ball in what would have been a long win in third and sixth places, forcing Atlanta to play. Green Bay takes over at its 27th

21 clock: And we're gone. Falcons get the ball to start the game.

Packers vs. Falcons

The Packers Falcons start time has been postponed from its original 8:15 p.m. ET until 9 p.m. because the Patriots Chiefs game has been postponed from Sunday afternoon to 7:05 p.m. ET Monday.

This is the second of five prime-time games on the Packers' 2020 schedule. You'll be back in the national spotlight in Week 9 for a Thursday night game in San Francisco to play a rematch of last season's NFC championship.

This is the first of two prime-time games for The Hawks on schedule for 2020. Atlanta will be coming next week 8 in a prime-time slot for Thursday Night Football in Carolina.

Monday Night Football Schedule

In 2020 there are a total of 17 games on the "Monday Night Football" program. This includes the two games in the double header in week 1 and no game on Monday evening in week 17.

Below is the full schedule of Monday night games this year.

week 1 September 14th New York Giants versus Pittsburgh Steelers
week 1 September 14th Denver Broncos versus Tennessee Titans
Week 2 21st September Las Vegas Raiders versus New Orleans Saints
Week 3 September 28th Baltimore Ravens versus Kansas City Chiefs
Week 4 5th October Green Bay Packers versus Atlanta Falcons
Week 5 October 12th New Orleans Saints versus Los Angeles Chargers
Week 6 October 19th Dallas Cowboys versus Arizona Cardinals
Week 7 October 26th Los Angeles Rams versus Chicago Bears
Week 8 November 2 New York Giants versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Week 9 November 9th New York Jets versus New England Patriots
Week 10 November 16 Chicago Bears versus Minnesota Vikings
Week 11 November 23 Tampa Bay Buccaneers versus Los Angeles Rams
Week 12 30th of November Philadelphia Eagles versus Seattle Seahawks
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