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Parking Lot Striping Houston | How to Choose a Great Parking Lot Striping Company

Oct 19

Choosing a great parking lot striping company is important for your business. There are plenty of options out there, but it’s important to find one that will be able to meet your needs and provide quality workmanship. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision!


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What is Parking Lot Striping and Why Do I Need It

Parking lot striping is necessary for a variety of reasons, including safety, aesthetics, and organization. The most important reason to stripe parking lots is for safety. Parking lots are the most dangerous places on any given property because there are many hazards to watch out for such as cars backing out or pulling in – not to mention pedestrians walking across the lot. Safety stripes help drivers identify where they should be driving and help them avoid potential collisions with other vehicles or people. Stripes also make it easier for pedestrians to walk across the parking lot without getting hit by a car when crossing between lanes of traffic. Aesthetically, striped parking lots look better than plain ones do and can create an inviting environment that makes customers want to come back again.

Parking lots are not just for parking. Parking lots can also serve as loading zones, event parking areas, and service entrances. Parking lot striping is a great way to help organize these spaces and make the property more efficient in the use of space. Parking lot striping improves traffic flow because it eliminates confusion on where people should park, drop off items, or load/unload.

What Parking Lot Striping Company Should I Hire?

The most important things to look for when hiring a company to stripe your parking lot are experience, customer service reputation, and longevity with the company you choose. Remember that there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to contractors but you want someone who will be flexible enough to handle any unexpected problems that may arise or other issues that might arise. Parking lot striping is a good business to be in because it’s extremely competitive so you should always look for a company that can provide quality workmanship but will also keep your budget in mind.

Choosing the right Parking Lot Striping Company For You

Look online for Parking Lot Striping Reviews – Parking lot striping companies usually have a website of their own that you can look through to see what previous customers have said about the company. You can also ask your general contractor for recommendations. Before making any final decisions, make sure to check references and get in touch with current or former customers to get their honest opinions on how easy it was to work with the company you are considering hiring.

When Parking Lot Striping Isn’t Needed

It is important to remember that parking lots don’t need to have stripes on them at all times. Parking lots are often striped in and out depending on parking changes or events such as concerts or sporting events. Parking lot striping contractors should be able to provide this service for you, but it’s still important to know how long they’ve been doing this and how much experience they have with different projects like this one, especially if there are any last-minute changes over the course of the project. Parking lot striping is not just a simple do it and forget it job but many times contractors will need to come back and fix spots that didn’t get done correctly or missed entirely because they rushed through this process.

Parking lot striping should be something that you’ve planned for in advance so there aren’t any surprises – especially if you need to get the job done quickly. Parking lots also don’t necessarily need striped lines on top of white paint because colored paint can have the same effect as stripes without being nearly as noticeable.

Parking lot striping is beneficial and necessary for most businesses, but always keep in mind your needs as far as parking. Parking lots are very complicated areas for customers to navigate safely and knowing how much space you need for customers and employees is an important part of any parking lot. Parking lots are usually striped with 2-inch white lines, 1-inch yellow center lines, as well as a crosshatched 4 inch wide hatched border around the entire outside perimeter of the lot. Parking lot striping often goes by many names including Parking Lot Markings or Parking Lot Painting but no matter what you call it getting it done correctly the first time will help your business run more efficiently.

A Parking Lot Striping Contractor Can Help!

Parking lot painting can seem like a complex procedure but in reality, this is something that most people can do fairly easily if they put in the proper research beforehand. Parking lot striping is not just random patterns that are painted onto the ground or asphalt. Parking lot striping should be applied consistently in a very uniform manner so it’s clear where people need to park and how they should navigate around your parking lots.


Parking lot painting contractors must have experience with all types of terrain because you may be required to paint parking lots at any given property even if there are hills, valleys, or other challenges when applying lines onto concrete, asphalt, or dirt. Parking lot painters can also spray paint handicapped spaces directly onto the pavement without having to dig up the ground behind each spot to lay down special concrete pads which makes things much easier for those who will use these spots regularly. Parking lot striping is done by special machines that spray the paint in an even pattern.

Parking lot striping contractors can use one of three different types of paint: water-based, latex-based, or oil and synthetic resins. Parking lot striping is not just restricted to black or white paint either; they will usually offer several different colors for you to choose from so there’s no confusion about what your parking lots are used for.

Parking lot painting services provide uniformity and organization to any given property by clearly indicating where people need to park. Parking lot stripping can also provide an aesthetic appeal if it’s done properly and consistently. Parking lot painters must be able to provide clear direction on where cars should go as well as making sure employees know where they can park on a given property. Parking lot painting is not just for businesses either, many hospitals, universities, and schools have parking lots that need to be stripped as well.


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Must Abide By Government Ordinances

Parking lot painters must also fully understand the city ordinances on parking lots before they set out to work with customers because the local government may require someone who has been properly licensed and bonded to do this type of work if there are large numbers of people using or driving through these areas every day.

Parking lot striping contractors must know about local government ordinances regarding parking lots if it’s necessary because this is usually required by someone who has been licensed by city officials to do this type of work. Parking lot painting can seem like an easy job from the outside but there’s a lot to be done because this type of work includes applying lines, arrows, and other markings onto the pavement in an even way so it’s easy for everyone to understand. Parking lot painting services can help enhance the appearance of any property along with making things easier to navigate as well.

Customer Satisfaction

Parking lot painters must fully understand their customer’s needs and provide high-quality work for them to keep repeat business. Parking lot contractors should have experience working with different types of businesses but they must also understand how to properly apply lines onto terrain that may be both flat and uneven using spray paint or markings.

Parking lot striping can help reduce accidents as well if it’s done correctly because it makes roads less confusing by making them easier to navigate. Parking lot painters will usually charge an hourly rate but the price depends on how big your parking lots are so you should ask about rates upfront before signing any agreements. Parking lot striping services can be done on a part-time (as needed) or full-time basis as well so you have the flexibility to choose how often they come out to your properties.

Parking lot painters should have experience working on both small-sized parking lots and larger ones as well so they know how much time something will take when working on different types of properties. Parking lot contractors must also be familiar with spray painting techniques so they don’t waste time striping or painting areas that are already covered up by another painted surface. Parking lot contractors must also paint handicap spaces directly onto concrete to save space because the lines are usually smaller than what they’d be if painted onto the asphalt on a parking lot.

Clear and Structured Design

Parking lot paint contractors must also be able to provide clear direction on where cars should go as well as making sure employees know where they can park on a given property. Parking lot painting is not just for businesses either, many hospitals, universities, and schools have parking lots that need to be stripped as well. Parking lot painters must understand their customer’s needs to provide high-quality work for them so they keep repeat business. Parking Lot Painting Services Parking lot striping services can help reduce accidents because it makes roads less confusing by making them easier to navigate.