Partial Solar Eclipse Images from Around the World

Partial Solar Eclipse Images from Around the World

People across the northern hemisphere looked up today – with the right precautions, of course – and were exposed to a partial solar eclipse. The partial solar eclipse covered a region thousands of kilometers across most of Europe, North Asia and Northeast North America. An annular or “ring of fire” solar eclipse was visible in some parts of Greenland, northern Russia, and Canada.

Our unique main picture is from Andrew Symes from Ottawa, Canada, who took this photo with his iPhone 11 Pro through his Celestron NexStar 8SE telescope and offers a fun and interesting look at his view of the eclipse!

See more from Universe Today’s Flickr group as well as Twitter below.

A view of the partial solar eclipse from Carbon County, Pennsylvania, USA. Photo credit: Tom Wildoner. See full picture on Flickr.

Skywatchers from England and Ireland struggled with clouds, but the images turned out to be breathtaking, as evidenced by this picture from Peter Gallagher, director of the Dunsink Observatory outside Dublin, Ireland:

Mary McIntyre of Oxfordshire, UK, reports, “The weather forecast was terrible so I honestly wasn’t expecting anything, but there were a lot of clear spots when I set up the telescope and then some images of quite the first half of the eclipse before the cloud rolled in. I didn’t quite hit the max because thick clouds rolled in after taking my pictures at 10:58 am. Fortunately we got a few more clear spots when the solar eclipse came to an end. ”Here is one of her recordings:

This photo was taken at 10:58 a.m. BST and is a batch of the top 60% of 150 TIFF files. The sunspot groups AR12832 and AR12829 as well as some faculae are visible on the solar disk. Taken from Oxfordshire, UK with a William Optics 70mm refractor fitted with a Thousand Oaks glass solar filter and Canon 1100D. Photo credit: Mary McIntyre. See full picture on Flickr.

And more:

Center point of the eclipse of the Berkshire, England, 10/6/2021. A happy break in the clouds at the right moment to capture the center of the solar eclipse. Photo credit: Peter Tickner. See full picture on Flickr.

Many people planned their observations well in advance, like Julian Diamond from Millbrook, New York, USA:

A partial solar eclipse is seen when the sun rises behind the Delaware Breakwater Lighthouse on Lewes Beach, Delaware on Thursday, June 10, 2021. Photo credit: (NASA / Aubrey Gemignani). See full picture on Flickr

Some footage from some of our favorite people, such as Universe Today’s David Dickinson:

And Jason Major:

Another shot from this morning’s #SolarEclipse, taken from Rhode Island, USA. Shooting eclipses is difficult; the exposure levels are everywhere. But then the RAW mode (and the LED screen) comes in very handy!

– Jason Major (@JPMajor) June 10, 2021

Thanks everyone for sharing their wonderful pictures! You can find more TONS on social media by searching for # eclipse2021 or #solareclipse.

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