Pfizer has already requested the Ministry of Well being for authorization to distribute its vaccine in Mexico, confirmed Marcelo Ebrad

Pfizer has already asked the Ministry of Health for authorization to distribute its vaccine in Mexico, confirmed Marcelo Ebrad

If the application is approved, the Pfizer vaccine could be used on 17 million Mexicans next January.

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27, 2020

3 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

As reported by the Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard the Minister of Health (SSa) has already received the corresponding request for the vaccine developed by Pfizer too authorized and distributed in Mexico. The Chancellor commented on what "good news for everyone" means on his Twitter account.

The Ministry of Health confirms that a registration application has already been received for the vaccine developed by Pfizer, as promised by the company. Good news guys.

– Marcelo Ebrard C. (@m_ebrard), November 27, 2020

It's worth noting that the two doses that make up this vaccine, if approved, could be used on 17 million Mexicans. And while it was desired that the distribution would begin in December, Pfizer said approval is expected to begin distribution in January this month.

During the approval phase, the SSa will therefore work with the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) to ensure the safety and effectiveness promised by Pfizer.

For his part, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López Gatell noted that health regulations comply with Cofepris; While the SSa will be responsible for the design, operation and monitoring of the National Health System, which includes the National Vaccination Program (and which provides for the use of the vaccine against COVID-19).

One of the biggest challenges for this vaccine, according to Hugo López Gatell, is that it has to stay frozen at 70 degrees below zero and no country has the technology to maintain a distribution network at this temperature.

However, according to the Undersecretary of State, the same pharmaceutical company has "a useful technological resource" in the form of advanced freezers that can stay below 20 degrees. As a result, the Mexican authorities have been in talks with Pfizer to try to incorporate this resource during distribution, if authorized.