Philadelphia captures lightning in a bottle, Seattle hits the right note

Philadelphia captures lightning in a bottle, Seattle hits the right note

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  • Austin LindbergESPN FC

The 2021 Major League Soccer season is only 10 days away, but fans in the US and Canada have been looking forward to the new campaign with the launch of brand new kits! And now that all 27 teams in the league have released their latest duds, we’ve scoured every square inch of all of this year’s topics to bring you this year’s MLS jersey power leaderboard.

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2021 Philadelphia Union jersey Adidas

The lightning bolts of the “BY | U” kit set against sky blue are striking and represent the famous kite experiment by Philadelphia’s favorite son Benjamin Franklin. (It’s also the inspiration for the images of a kite and a key on the back of your neck.) It’s an authentic and inventive way of celebrating the history of the city, and it looks amazing on last season’s Supporters Shield winners.

2021 LA Galaxy jersey Adidas

The “Community” kit hits exactly the right note for a Galaxy club fighting for the supremacy of football in Los Angeles and is reminiscent of the historic black and teal stripes the team wore between 1997 and 1999 in honor of those who who have been behind the team since 1996. Relying on their unrivaled history in MLS was a smart call, and the galaxy is high on our list.

2021 Chicago Fire jersey Adidas

The Fire has two new kits for 2021, both called “Lakefront”, but we are looking into the secondary option. The thin marine stripes placed against the white top create an illusion of the sky blue of Chicago’s flag, and its six-pointed stars are recreated within this stripe pattern. We’re all crazy about city-inspired designs, and the Fire’s 2021 look makes it perfect.

2021 Vancouver Whitecaps jersey Adidas

Another year, another nice Whitecaps jersey. This Canadian club is always at the top of that list, and this “hoop” kit (a name that reflects the jersey itself, after all!) Is no different. The 2021 edition was inspired by the design the club wore on its way to winning the 1979 NASL Soccer Bowl. It is uniquely crisp and at the same time picks up on the glorious past of the club.

2021 Seattle Sounders jersey Adidas

The story behind the Jimi Hendrix kit is better than any other on this list. Hendrix is ​​a Seattle born son, and the Sounders release their version of “All Along the Watchtower” before each game. It’s an incredible inspiration for this jersey: the purple psychedelic pattern alludes to the album art of the music great and the handwritten lyrics from “Straight Ahead” are printed on the tie ribbon.

2021 FC Dallas jersey Adidas

Another “community” kit, the newest FCD top, uses a powder blue completely unused in this league that includes the blue and red on the club’s crest and the state of Texas flag in seemingly random spots around the shirt. This design is reminiscent of the away shirt France wore en route to the 2018 World Cup, which was arguably the best-looking shirt in Russia.

2021 FC Cincinnati jersey Adidas

The royal blue and orange pinstripes of Cincinnati’s “Dynamic” kit really hit the Navy jersey and make for a very pleasant look. That the pinstripes are a nod to the LED fins that adorn the club’s brand new stadium (there’s also a stadium tribute on Jock Day) makes for a real story that’s both fun and makes sense.

2021 Colorado Rapids jersey Adidas

The “Class 5” kit is named for the most difficult climbing routes and pays homage to Colorado’s 14,000 foot peaks with embossed topographical patterns that reflect six of these most difficult mountains. It also pays homage to the club’s 1996 roots with a mint-fresh green look that looks a lot richer in person than it does in photos.

2021 New York Red Bulls jersey Adidas

The “1Beat” kit celebrates the game days in the Red Bull Arena, where checkerboard flags are omnipresent in the support department and provide extraordinary inspiration for creating a design. The “NY” monogram on the back of the neck also includes a “J” which is a nice touch for a team whose name is New York but their home is New Jersey.

2021 CF Montreal jersey Adidas

Let’s start with the fact that Montreal’s off-season rebranding was largely planned in league circles and maligned by the Quebecois, so the Ms / snowflakes of the logo are unlikely to be particularly well received at Stade Saputo. Even so, the geometric patterns look sharp, adding depth and character to what could easily have been a plain black kit.

2021 Sporting KC jersey Adidas

Sporting is bringing back the tires they wore in 2014-15 and 2016-17, with a particularly clean look and continuing the club’s tradition of routinely classic jerseys. The argyle “SKC” on the neck brings back another design element that the team has used over the past decade, and with great impact.

2021 Inter Miami jersey Adidas

The “Palma” kit is pretty self explanatory, with palm leaves embossed into this black top. This is the kind of detail we would have expected from a club that has so much design inspiration to draw from. The blue border on the inside of the shirt tail that pays homage to Biscayne Bay – a national park – is a nice touch, but feels a little too hidden.

2021 LAFC jersey Adidas

The LAFC “Heart of Gold” kit is another self-explanatory, but we applaud the club for the bold decision to introduce a gold jersey that supposedly reflects the resilience, conductivity, radiant warmth and glamor of Los Angeles. The hue is a little softer than we’d like, but it’s better than if they had something called “gold” that looks more like yellow mustard.

2021 Atlanta United Jersey Adidas

The “BLVCK” kit is a fresh take on Atlanta’s Five Stripes that eliminates the need for traditional striping and features a black leotard with five flashy red pinstripes on the front of the shirt and rising from the tail. It’s simple yet effective. brave and yet clean. Can it help them get back up to the standings and move on to another MLS trophy? Only time can tell.

2021 Austin FC jersey Adidas

The first Austin kit is good, and arguably better than any other that has been worn by an expansion team in the past few years. It’s a sense of uniqueness that is good for a new club: these themes are not off the shelf to make their opening season. It feels a bit forced, but connecting the vertical stripes with the intertwined trees in the club crest makes more sense the longer you look at it.

2021 Minnesota United Jersey Adidas

The Minnesota Black and Blue, as it is so often sung by the Wonderwall loyal home fans, is finally getting a blue jersey. With its color and the embossed waves, the “River” kit is reminiscent of the water of the land of 10,000 lakes, although it is a bit too abstract for our taste.

2021 Nashville SC jersey Adidas

The embossed “N” from the Nashville crest found throughout the “Vibe II” kit really works, creating lots of sharp edges and angles that contrast with each other when the light changes. The navy creates a more reserved look and prevents Music City from climbing any further.

2021 Orlando City jersey Adidas

The name of a kit, “Thick ‘N Thin”, which pays homage to “your city’s resilience through thick and thin, ups and downs, rain or shine”, is pretty apt for 2021. And we like the purple hues that meet in the middle of the jersey, but the darker shade that dominates the top half of the kit feels upside down.

2021 NYCFC jersey Adidas

NYCFC’s release for the ‘Bronx Blue’ kit confirms that it is inspired by the club’s first kit, unveiled ahead of the 2015 season, and that the two kits look remarkably similar – except for the 2021 edition clay stripes that Various uniforms of urban workers in New York City are inspired by “the”. “(Really, it’s just a blue shirt.)

2021 real Salt Lake jersey Adidas

The “Supporter’s Secondary” kit includes a gray graphic pattern that covers the entire shirt, with elements taken from the imagery of the club, the local area and the fans’ SLC punk attitude. It’s a strong topic, but one that’s a little more difficult for the uninitiated to understand.

2021 DC United Jersey Adidas

The name of the “Marble” jersey is pretty self-explanatory and takes inspiration from the iconic monuments around the city. It’s a cool concept, but it’s losing a bit of its luster after Arsenal rolled out a similar design ahead of the 2020-21 season. The club also chose navy as the accent color, rather than traditional black, to celebrate DC’s role as the nation’s capital.

2021 Columbus Crew jersey Adidas

The Inaugural Stadium kit is based on the crew’s new home, slated to open in July, and its angular architecture. The relationship between the new stadium and the graphic pattern feels a bit tricky, but we’re more saddened that Columbus won’t have a yellow jersey in 2021. This feels like a big failure!

2021 San Jose Earthquakes jersey Adidas

The Quakes “First Star” kit is a nod to the strings that San Jose won while lifting the MLS Cup in 2001. Unfortunately, the most noticeable design element of these jerseys was the white sleeves, which was not present in the 2021 edition. Instead, this top looks like a blue version of the kit worn by the team that left South Bay in 2005 …

2021 Houston Dynamo Jersey Adidas

Aside from the white field missing on the sides of this shirt, there isn’t much other than the color that sets it apart from San Jose’s efforts. We like the club-colored Texan flag, which is executed in a hexagon in the neck and after the rebranding out of season plays on the new six-sided crest of the Dynamo.

2021 Portland Timbers Jersey Adidas

We like the collar and we like the chevrons that run down the front of the shirt – they mimic those found in the crest – but the two-tone, half-and-half concept feels a bit tired after Cincinnati and Juventus each sported a similar design in 2020 – none of them were our favorite either.

2021 Toronto FC Jersey Adidas

The “A41” kit (which stands for “all for one”) contains thin lines that divide the jersey into four quadrants and represent “club, town, house and supporters”. That’s a decent line any club can leave behind, but it’s hard to see the specific connection between this one and Toronto’s kit.

2021 New England Revolution jersey Adidas

Another “community” kit, the Revs graphic pattern, is inspired by the “block work of the war fortresses of the American Revolution in the New England region” as a tribute to the fort, the club’s support department – although we have a hard time Spain 2020- Tip not to be seen.