Police Officers Shot Unarmed Black Teen within the Again, Then Eliminated Bullets Earlier than Paramedics Arrived

Cops Removed bullets from black teen shot in the back

California police officers shot a black teenager twice in the back, but before paramedics arrived they removed the bullets "by hand," according to a lawsuit filed by the victim's attorney.

According to The Mercury News, the shooting occurred around 4 a.m. on June 1. Hayward police have been called for reports of looting and possible shooting at a CVS pharmacy. The police held two men in a parked car; other vehicles left the parking lot. One was driven by a 17 year old boy. According to the authorities, he drove directly towards the police officer Samuel Tomlinson, who was standing in front of his police car.

Tomlinson initially fired his gun at the car, thinking the vehicle might hit him. Police officer Stephen Akacsos also fired his gun believing "his partner was either shot or hit by the vehicle," Hayward police said in a June 26 press release.

The wounds in his back suggested he was shot after walking past officers, the 17-year-old teenager's attorney, Adante Pointer, said on Wednesday.

"It is barbaric," said Pointer, "the way they tried to minimize the damage they did to this young man." The officers took out the bullets and dragged him to the Juvenile Hall. It is totally inappropriate and luckily it did not cause him any major harm. "

The attorney posted a photo of the teen's back as evidence.


– Adante Pointer, Esq. (@AdanteEsq) December 25, 2020

Pointer said the Alameda County Prosecutor dropped charges against the teenager.

A GoFundMe account was opened for the teenager by his mother.

“My 17-year-old son, who has never been in conflict with the law and is a great student who wants to be a lawyer, was shot twice in the back by a Hayward Ca police officer on Monday. They said the reason he was shot was because they believed he was a looter at the local CVS and thought he would cause them harm. Jamaine was indeed unarmed and had not been in the CVS or any other business. This particular officer got out of his car and started fire on the SUV that my son hit him in the back in two bullets. As soon as the police grabbed him, he told them that he was bleeding. An officer still tossed him to the ground and poked his knee near the spot where Jamaine had been shot. He told these officers that he was in pain, but they handcuffed him, and one officer actually removed one of the bullets from my sons and released him to the ambulance. "